Month: February 2024

Smoking on a private jet depends on whether the operator or the owner of the aircraft allows it

Can You Smoke On A Private Jet?

Private jets stand for luxury and ease, giving unmatched comfort and time-saving to passengers. Yet, with all the exclusive benefits and tailored services, some doubt pops up occasionally. 'Can I smoke on a private jet?' is a common question. In this simple article, let's explore the laws and feasibility of smoking during your private charter flight.

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Discover different private jet interior designs with Challenge Jet Charter

The Private Jet Interior Guide

Private je­ts are all about luxury and comfort. They look slee­k and come well-equippe­d. Inside, they're a portrait of e­legance and grace. In our de­tailed private jet interior guide, we dive­ into different aspects of private jet interiors, whilst exploring different aircraft categories. We­ look at all the parts - design trends, private jet interior customisations and amenities.

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