Airlines vs. Private Jet Charters: The Battle for Airport Slots During Christmas

Santa Claus waits at the airport, ready to board a private jet charter for Christmas travel.

Christmas is one of the busiest holiday seasons for travel. As the festive season approaches, people around the world rush to spend time with their loved ones. Thus, competition between commercial airlines and private jet charters commences. The competition between the two sectors is not only about allowing the travellers to reach their holiday destination. It is also about the flexibility, convenience and comfort private jets offer, which sets them apart from commercial airlines. In this article, we will discover how commercial airlines and private jet charters compete for airport slots during the Christmas period.

Commercial Airlines

Commercial airlines serve millions of passengers during the holiday season all over the world. It is simply a backbone of mass travel and it has been for many years. Due to high demand, securing airport slots during Christmas can be a bit of a challenge. Due to the congestion of airports, flight delays and limited availability, travelling during Christmas can become rather inconvenient.

Limited Availability

Due to high demand, commercial airlines have limited availability during the Christmas period. Also, their flights are fixed, therefore passengers are only allowed to book available flights. Indeed, this can be quite inconvenient for passengers who wish to travel at specific times and dates during the festive season.


Congestion at commercial airports is nothing new during the Christmas season. Many major airports experience long queues at security lines, crowded terminals and potential delays. Many travellers during Christmas often find themselves stressed and fatigued before even boarding their flights.

A sleek private jet soars high in the clear blue sky

Private Jet Charters

Private jet charters can offer an attractive and rather convenient alternative to commercial airlines. Private jet charters are usually high in demand during the Christmas season due to their flexibility, exclusivity and comfort.

Flexible Scheduling

When flying on a private jet charter, you have more flexibility. This way of travelling allows for avoiding fixed timetables and schedules of commercial airlines. This way, passengers can depart and arrive at airports of their choice at their preferred times. Which indeed, minimises travel stress in crowded airport terminals and long security queues.

Access to Smaller Airports

One of the advantages of private jet charters is the smaller airport access. Because commercial airlines serve major airports, those who opt for private jet charters can choose to depart from smaller airports. This way, travellers are not only saving time, but they also travel conveniently as they can choose airports closer to their final destination.

Passengers on a private jet enjoy a sumptuous custom catering experience, arranged by a dedicated personal account manager.

Personalized Services

The possibilities with private jet charters are limitless. When you choose to work with a private jet charter broker like Challenger Jet Charter, your charter flight will always be handled by industry professionals. Private jet charters offer customised in-flight experiences, catering and privacy, and we can also arrange a helicopter or a ground transfer. Thus, you can celebrate the holiday season on board without the distractions of a crowded commercial flight.

Reduced Waiting Times

Private jet charters offer the convenience of reduced time spent at the airport. The passengers can benefit from faster security checks, shorter check-in processes, seamless boarding and reduced time spent at the airport. Passengers can simply arrive 20 minutes before their flight and board the aircraft from the VIP terminal.


The battle for airport slots during Christmas between commercial airlines and private jet charters is a testament to the diverse needs and preferences of travellers. While commercial airlines serve the majority of holiday travellers, private jet charters offer a distinct advantage in terms of flexibility, convenience, and personalized service. For those who value time, privacy, and a stress-free travel experience, private jets remain a competitive choice during the holiday season. However, it’s important to note that private jet charters come at a premium cost, making them accessible primarily to the affluent few.


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