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Finest Events of 2023

The Finest Events of 2023

The finest events of 2023 include music festivals, film awards, unmissable art exhibits, sports, and unique celebrations. The year is just starting, but with so many fabulous options and so little time to enjoy them, we bring you the events you can't afford to lose this year. We'll do our part: invite you to board a private flight to the greatest shows on earth. Enjoy the utmost convenience and flexibility, and take on the opportunity to craft lifelong memories.

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How Private Jets can Help Fight Climate Change - New Engine Tech

How Private Jets Can Help Fight Climate Change

Today we'll look at how private jets can help fight climate change and transition towards sustainability. Everywhere we look, we witness new measures designed to combat climate change. Going green is the norm, with technology companies focusing on solutions that can help preserve the planet's fragile ecosystems.

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Flying a Private Jet During Christmas

Flying on a Private Jet During Christmas

Will you be able to arrive in time to open the presents on Christmas morning? Those who must travel during this season know how challenging it is to get a seat amid high demand. Airports are hectic, and ticket prices, when available, go through the roof. In addition, delays on commercial flights are expected, and the experience rarely meets promise.

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The Best Ski Destinations by Private Jet

Ski Destinations by Private Jet

The end of the year is upon us, and dreaming of ski destinations by private jet can quickly turn into the perfect excuse to travel. Apart from celebrating Christmas with your loved ones and popping a fine bottle of champagne on New Year's Eve, this is the ideal time to enjoy the winter season.

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Airport VIP Lounge Facilities

Top 5 Facilities You Can Find at VIP Lounges

Airport and FBO VIP lounges are an essential complement to any private jet flight. We often focus on the many advantages of flying, but what is the remaining experience like? The exclusive nature of travel can start once you step out of your home and last until you arrive at your destination.

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First Time Private Jet Flyers

Top Tips for First-time Private Jet Flyers

There is always a first time for everything, and for first-time private jet flyers, entering a new philosophy of travel may seem rather daunting. We can assure you there's very little to worry about. Flying on a private jet is more than boarding an aircraft and setting off towards the sunset.

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