Best Places To Go For Christmas On A Sunny Holiday

As the cold weather invites itself over, Christmas nostalgia begins to arrive, and most of us start the countdown to a well-deserved holiday along with this season’s festivities. Having said that, we are here to suggest some of the best places to go for Christmas.

There is nothing wrong with tradition, but you may enjoy the idea of spending this time of the year in a paradise destination far more than you imagine.

This is the perfect opportunity to temporarily leave the cold winter behind and enjoy a different Christmas holiday if time is on your side. Many Christmas destinations during this season will gain extra ingredients on their way to becoming truly unique.

Arriving at any of the following Christmas holiday destinations poses no problem, as a private jet flight will adapt to your schedule and needs.

Best Places To Go For Christmas On A Sunny Holiday in Honolulu in Hawaii

Paradise Holiday at Honolulu, Hawaii

Why not spend Christmas in paradise? If so, it’s hard to find one better than Honolulu, Hawaii.

The locals celebrate in style and spread their Christmas cheer over a party that lasts throughout the whole month of December. It is filled with fireworks, parades, and season music accompanied by the typical ukulele.

It must be the only place in the world where Santa is so relaxed that he shows up at the luau dressed in a red skirt, flip-flops and a flower shirt, carried in a canoe pulled by dolphins. Children will also have the time of their lives, with a few local traditions inviting for a fun, relaxing holiday.

Booking a private jet flight to Livingstone in Zambia

A Very Distinct Christmas at Livingstone, Zambia

The town of Livingstone is always cheerful at festive times, and locals like to receive guests with open arms. Expect an invitation to join in and sing Christmas carols or see a live nativity scene. You also have a chance to participate in the community gift exchange!

Expect a country filled with natural wonders that will add an extra flair to your holiday. You can also take the opportunity to see the Mosi-oa-Tunya national park, UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is an animal reserve that includes a rainforest and the impressive Victoria Falls. It is known as “The Smoke That Thunders.” Here, you can find the connecting point between Zambia and neighbouring Zimbabwe. The waterfalls are known as one of the most impressive rainbow sites. The palette of colours is sure to be an image you’ll remember.

Booking a private jet flight to Sydney in Australia

Down Under Christmas at Sydney, Australia

During Christmas, you can find quite a few events, perfect for those who can’t get enough of the festive season.

Traditional choirs announce the season, and “The Very Merry Christmas Rocks Market” features everything your heart desires. From handmade gifts to delicious food and the opportunity to enjoy Australia’s largest free Christmas concert – the Woolworths Carols at the Domain.

This famous annual event takes place near the Royal Botanic Gardens and promises to include all the Christmas themes we love. You can also enjoy a stop at Bondi Beach, the perfect place to celebrate a proper Australian Christmas. Ideally, riding its famous waves or enjoying a barbecue.

Booking a private jet flight to Nassau in Bahamas

A Relaxing Holiday at Nassau, Bahamas

Besides the paradisical beauty of the Bahamas, Nassau celebrates this season with the Junkanoo party. It is one of the most famous local celebrations of the year. With its blazing sun, festive outfits and the contagious beat of goombay drums, it’s impossible not to spend a Christmas packed with joy and fun.

Taking place on December 26th and New Year’s Day, it’s the oldest street festival in the Caribbean. The festival is filled with dazzling, bright and crazy costumes, always packed with entertainment. Between partying and fun activities, December is perfect for those who want to relax on Cable Beach. Travellers can also dive along the waters of the Bahamas. It may lack the snow sled, but it makes up for it in white sands and crystal clear water.

Booking a private jet flight to Douz in Tunisia

The Unique Beauty of Douz, Tunisia

Besides enjoying the warm weather, if you want to escape a classic Christmas set, Tunisia presents the perfect opportunity!

Famous for the Star Wars filming locations, the Arab tribes living here transform the dusty plain set of Douz into a magnificent Bedouin spectacle during the last four days of December.

The International Sahara Festival draws tourists from all over the world, joining the nomads. Here, you can witness and experience sand hockey tournaments, banquets, craft fairs and traditional belly dancing.

There isn’t a hint of Christmas spirit, but this Tunisian celebration is just as festive. To make your stay even sweeter, you can opt for a luxury stay nearby, at some of Tunisia’s most inviting hotels.

These are our best places to go for Christmas if you’re looking for a sunny and exotic holiday. Whether you wish to escape the cold or relax in a paradise location, there is still time this year to take the step into a new adventure. Take a look into our Charter Services to see how we can tailor your private jet flight!

Contact us for your free quote, and let us look after your festive holiday in style as you fly across the world. Very much like a famous Christmas character we can’t help to love.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Challenge Jet Charter!

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