Can Private Jets Cross the Atlantic Ocean?

Can Private Jets Cross The Atlantic Ocean

Have you ever been curious if private jets are able to fly across the Atlantic Ocean? This is an interesting question that shows how much room there is for luxury travel and modern aviation technology. Understanding what private jets can do is important for people who might use them as their mode of transport on either business trips or holidays. So, let’s find out all about transatlantic private jet charters!

Transatlantic Flights in History

The ability of private jets to cross the Atlantic began when planes were first invented. Charles Lindbergh was the first person to fly across the Atlantic Ocean successfully in 1927. It took many years for private jets that could do this to be made. In the 1960s, business jets were created; then there have been technological advancements in private air travel ever since.

Nowadays, private jets that are available to individuals are a pinnacle of engineering; they have unparalleled range, speed and comfort. The engines of these private jets are equipped with powerful advanced technology which makes them more efficient than before. This enables their aerodynamics to be more efficient, hence covering longer distances within the shortest time possible. Having said that, you can fly across continents without having stopovers for fuel refilling.

Popular Private Jets for Flights Across The Atlantic Ocean

Many private jets are made for long-distance travel. Picking the right type of aircraft is essential to enjoying this kind of flight. However, not all of them are equally suited for transatlantic flights. These are what we consider to be some of the best options when booking transatlantic flights with Challenge Jet Charter:

Gulfstream G650ER

Renowned for its impressive over 7,500 nautical miles range, the Gulfstream G650ER brings together speed and luxury. It can carry as many as 19 passengers and has 195 cubic feet of luggage. With a length of 46 feet 10 inches; width of 8 feet 6 inches; height of 6 feet 5 inches; big windows; seamless connectivity; and flexible configurations for maximum comfort inside the cabin.

Global 7500 Bedroom, Ultra Long Range Jet

Bombardier Global 7500

For lengthy flights, the Global 7500 accommodates up to 19 passengers and carries 195 cubic feet of baggage. It has a cabin length of 54 feet 5 inches, a width of 8 feet and a height of 6 feet 2 inches. This jet is fitted with four living areas, a full kitchen as well as a separate crew compartment so as to make sure that you enjoy your travel in style.

Dassault Falcon 8X

The jet’s reputation is built on its comfort and efficiency, with a range of 6,450 nautical miles. It has a seating capacity of 16 and 140 cubic feet of luggage hold. The length is 42ft 8in, the width 7ft 8in and the height 6ft 2in. Falcon 8X has very quiet cabins, which can be customized in terms of design as well as layout thereby allowing for different temperature zones within the cabin and a large galley area for the provision of full-service meals on board.

Embraer Praetor 600

This aircraft presents the perfect balance of speed and luxury by being able to travel 4,018 nautical miles. It has room for 12 passengers and can hold 155 cubic feet of luggage. The cabin is 27 feet 6 inches long, 6 feet 10 inches wide and 6 feet high. The Praetor 600 comes with better sound insulation, ergonomic seats, fast internet and a fully equipped kitchen area.

Boeing Business Jet BBJ Bedroom, VIP Airliner

Boeing Business Jet (BBJ)

The VIP airliner BBJ is a customized Boeing 737 with a range of 6,141 nautical miles and the most cabin space. It can carry 25-50 passengers and has around 640 cubic feet for luggage supplies according to the different configurations. The measurements for this aircraft interior are 79 feet 2 inches long, 11 feet 7 inches wide, and 7 feet high. This VIP airliner contains numerous lounges, a master bedroom, shower facilities, meeting rooms as well as advanced entertainment systems.

Airbus ACJ319neo

This VIP airliner has a range of 6,750 nautical miles, which means that it can combine the reliability of commercial aviation with the luxury of a private jet. It is possible to accommodate up to nineteen passengers and carry approximately 975 cubic feet of luggage. The length of the cabin is 78 feet 1 inch, the width is 12 feet 1 inch and the height is 7 feet 5 inches. The ACJ319neo comes with flexible spaces, full-sized bedrooms, showers, dining areas and advanced connectivity options.

Bombardier Global 6000

The Global 6000 has a range of 6,000 nautical miles which makes it perfect for transatlantic flights. It can carry 14-16 passengers and has a cargo hold that can accommodate 195 cubic feet of luggage. The cabin is 48 feet 4 inches long, 8 feet 2 inches wide and 6 feet 2 inches high. For maximum comfort, the Global 6000 has spacious seating, a well-equipped kitchen area, advanced connectivity options and a quiet cabin.

Factors Affecting Transatlantic Flight

When planning a private jet flight across the Atlantic, there are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Distance and Flight Time: The further the departure point is from its destination, the longer it will take for an aircraft to reach that destination; this directly affects how much fuel must be carried on board.
  • Fuel Capacity and Efficiency: Modern jet planes are built with engines that burn less fuel per hour than older models do; however they also have larger fuel tanks so as not to run out before completing any given journey.
  • Weather Conditions and Routing: Pilots need to take into consideration different weather conditions such as wind speeds and directions along their course. In addition, they need to consider thunderstorm areas over oceans while selecting which path would present the least risk while consuming the least amount of time.

Modern Technology in the interiors of private jets is being implemented more

Flight Planning, Logistics and Safety

Flights which involve private jets crossing the Atlantic have to be planned very well. This means that before taking off all flight arrangements must be in place. This includes getting the flight permits that are needed as well as airport slots and landing permits. To make sure there is a smooth trip all through our skilled team takes care of all the details from scheduling stopovers for refuelling in case it is necessary to uphold every safety measure.

These flights are regulated by international aviation rules that are meant to ensure the most superior strata of safety. These certifications also involve private jets where they have to adhere to them through certifications. They also have to adhere to maintenance protocols to make sure safety is observed at its highest level. These measures are essential for both passengers’ and crew members’ safety and protection.

Comfort and Amenities on Transatlantic Flights

Private jet travel is popular because it offers the best comfort and luxury. The cabins can adapt to any passenger requirement thus providing comfortable seats, a modern entertainment system, as well as gourmet catering. Additionally, some aircraft have bedroom spaces which enable people to rest on long trips. Our account managers will make sure that every single detail is considered so that the journey is enjoyable and extraordinary.


To sum up, luxury aircraft have the capability to fly over the Atlantic Ocean which provides comfort and saves time. Due to stringent safety measures, transatlantic private jet trips are not only achievable but very convenient. The adaptation of modern aviation technology enhances safety as well. The number of travellers opting for this mode of transport keeps increasing because it is luxurious and fast whether they are going on holiday or business.


Contact our team of aviation advisors and we will make sure to help you get the best private jet charter deals with unparalleled service and extra care. Charter an aircraft of your choice, whether that be a light jet or an ultra-long-range jet, we will have an option to suit your every need. Our team will handle all the details, taking the pressure off your shoulders, so you can sit back, relax and focus on what matters to you the most.

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