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Brexit and its Effect on Private Jet Travel

The recent incorporation of the 1500 page-long Brexit agreement on the last day of December 2020 brought several reverberations for post-Brexit private jet travel. From the 1st January 2021 onwards, the United Kingdom was no longer a part of the European Union.

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Flying Over to the Best 2021 Events

What a peculiar year for travel. Even though we're still crossing rather turbulent skies, a light at the end of the tunnel may lie just ahead. With 2020 defeating many of our travel hopes, there is still room for moderate optimism. We are confident that this year's course will deliver far more with some events in 2021 around the corner.

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Top Reasons To Hire A Private Jet

Travelling by private jet is safe and efficient when you are trying to get to your destination during a Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, the pandemic has seen a considerable rise in the private aviation sector because people are using private jets as a low-risk alternative to commercial airlines. In this article, we are going to tell you the top reasons why you should consider a private jet during a Covid-19 pandemic. 

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Where Can I Fly by Private Jet During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Navigating your travel plans during a global pandemic can be particularly tricky and with lockdown or quarantine measures constantly changing and evolving it can be exceptionally hard to keep up. The beauty of private jets during the COVID-19 pandemic is, of course, our ability to schedule flights at incredibly short notice remaining agile and flexible to keep up with client demand.

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