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valentine's day experience

Valentine’s Day Most Romantic Getaways

Romanticism has no season, real romantics would claim. With each day providing an opportunity to show your loved ones how deep is your love – pun intended – very few surprises can top a romantic getaway. You’re in for a treat, as this one lands just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Ultimate Travel Destinations for 2022

With restrictions to travel across multiple destinations worldwide, the list of countries where you can easily travel to early this year is relatively short. The situation is updated daily. Fortunately, due to a more lenient view of the pandemic or an effort in vaccination, some nations now welcome visitors more than others.

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Find the Best Ski Resorts This Christmas

Christmas is nearly here, and this is by far the most magical time of the year for those lucky few enjoying the best ski resorts in the world. Snow programs for this season comprehend incredible moments for adults, with a few surprises for those who travel with children.

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The Best Destinations for an Autumn Getaway

There is something magical about travelling in the Fall. Vibrant colours, milder climate and a notorious calmness, which make this season perfect to embark on an adventure. Out there, a few destinations await, which become ever more beautiful and interesting at this particular time of the year.

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Most Luxurious Private Jet Terminals

A private aircraft customer shouldn’t expect anything less than excellent service when it comes to their time spent travelling. From arrival to departure, flying private offers a wide range of benefits. This includes relaxing at a dedicated and luxurious lounge, the absence of waiting lines, fantastic in-flight service and entertainment.

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Dream Beaches a Private Jet Flight Away

Dream beaches persist in our minds for most of the year. This past one, in particular, has changed the way we travel and how we interact with friends and family. With the ongoing pandemic, it becomes more and more comfortable to travel on our own. Especially to places where we can feel truly safe and, therefore, still enjoy the World's wonders.

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Brexit and its Effect on Private Jet Travel

The recent incorporation of the 1500 page-long Brexit agreement on the last day of December 2020 brought several reverberations for post-Brexit private jet travel. From the 1st January 2021 onwards, the United Kingdom was no longer a part of the European Union.

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Flying Over to the Best 2021 Events

What a peculiar year for travel. Even though we're still crossing rather turbulent skies, a light at the end of the tunnel may lie just ahead. With 2020 defeating many of our travel hopes, there is still room for moderate optimism. We are confident that this year's course will deliver far more with some events in 2021 around the corner.

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