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Private charter

Roland Garros is one of the best tennis tournaments in the world amongst the sports events of 2022 you can't miss.

The Biggest Sports Events of 2022

Sports fans are spoiled for choice in 2022 as we witness a return of some of the most exciting sports events in the world. With more countries lifting restrictions, this is a perfect time. There's still plenty of ground to cover and revisit some of the most iconic grounds, names and moments that will go down in sports history.

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Jetiquette: How to Shine on a Private Jet Flight

Jetiquette is essential for those wishing to travel on a private jet in the near future. None of these goes beyond common sense and basic manners. They are similar to visiting a fancy restaurant, attending the opera, or a formal event. Such specific scenarios often invite us to act in a particular manner, according to the instituted rules.

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Most Luxurious Private Jet Terminals

A private aircraft customer shouldn’t expect anything less than excellent service when it comes to their time spent travelling. From arrival to departure, flying private offers a wide range of benefits. This includes relaxing at a dedicated and luxurious lounge, the absence of waiting lines, fantastic in-flight service and entertainment.

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Dream Beaches a Private Jet Flight Away

Dream beaches persist in our minds for most of the year. This past one, in particular, has changed the way we travel and how we interact with friends and family. With the ongoing pandemic, it becomes more and more comfortable to travel on our own. Especially to places where we can feel truly safe and, therefore, still enjoy the World's wonders.

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Most Exclusive Hotel Stays in the World

Are you looking for the most exclusive hotel stays in the world? If the time has come to consider an enthralling trip with your loved ones, how about embarking on a short-notice private jet adventure towards the finest stays at your disposal? Today, we list the most luxurious hotel stays in the world for your consideration.

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