Charter A Private Jet To Royal Ascot In London

Royal Ascott is a prestigious and one of the most important horse racing event in the UK and if you’re a horse racing fan, you definitely do not want to miss the opportunity!

The Royal Ascot tends to attract many spectators from all over the world each year. Royal Ascot was founded by Queen Anne in 1711 and the tradition has been running for over 300 years. The Ascot Racecourse was built after Queen Anne spotted an area that would be perfect for racing as she used to ride horses near Windsor Castle.

The Queen Anne Stakes, which has been named after the founder facilitates the horse racing event every year within five days of racing. Apart from the world-class horse racing, you will also be able to witness a world of luxury, fashion and glamour. The Royal Enclosure demands a strict dress code for men and women.

When Will The Royal Ascot Take Place?

The Royal Ascot will take place between 14th of June and 18th of June this year, in 2022. The unparalleled elegance invites you to follow a style guide that makes the news worldwide.

If you wish to experience the most fashionable catwalk of the year, you should definitely mark it on your calendar.

The event will be held in the Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire, England.

Arrive At The Destination In Style

We can arrange a transport for you to get to your destination, whether that be a private jet flight to the nearest airport or helicopter charter straight to the helipad at the Royal Ascot.

If you require a group charter service, we have an experienced team that will organise a tailored air charter service.

By chartering a private jet to Royal Ascot, you will have an opportunity to access extra luggage capacity. You will also avoid long queues and busy commercial terminals. We can arrange a private jet flight to an airport in London such as Farnborough Airport or London Heathrow Airport. The rest of the journey can be completed via a Helicopter or a VIP ground transfer. We will always adapt to your personal preferences.

In order to get exclusive rates to Royal Ascot 2022, you can always contact our team of aviation advisors who will ensure that you are receiving the best rates and exclusive experience.

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