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Take a private jet flight to Gibraltar, a place that provides crucial strategic benefits as a British overseas territory. Historically it has seen many conflicts due to its value. Moors ruled it in the Middle Ages, with Spain, France, and Britain also struggling for control. Today, Gibraltar is a self-reliant hub for shipping, offshore banking, and international conferences. It thrives on tourism, boasting attractions like the famous Rock of Gibraltar and its monkeys, military history, duty-free shopping, bustling casinos, and stylish marinas. A private jet flight to Gibraltar offers a plethora of experiences.

Gibraltar is a piece of Britain’s Empire, separate from the United Kingdom-the same as other British territories. Although the territories have internal governance, the UK manages defence and foreign relations. In the British monarch’s symbolic leadership, the UK’s Overseas Territories hold varied cultures and settings. Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, and the Cayman Islands are some of the famous territories.

Gibraltar stands as a strategic hotspot. It occupies the Mediterranean and Atlantic gateway, securing the crucial Strait of Gibraltar. It symbolizes British naval strength since the 18th century. Gibraltar shares a border with Spain and is just 14 kilometres away from Morocco across the essential Strait. The southernmost tip offers breathtaking views. You can even see North Africa over the Strait of Gibraltar’s shimmering waters on a clear day.

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Gibraltar Skywalk: A glass-bottomed platform extending from the cliff's edge, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and Mediterranean Sea.

Things To Do In Gibraltar

Private jet to Gibraltar to see Barbary macaques, that are also known as Gibraltar monkeys, playing and interacting in their natural habitat.
Fly on a private jet to Gibraltar and visit The Rock, a Majestic limestone formation towering over the landscape with the cityscape in the background.

The Rock of Gibraltar

Located at a towering 426 meters (1,398 feet), the Rock of Gibraltar is a sight to behold. It casts a large shadow over the city, with views that catch your eye. The top part of the Rock, most of it, is the Gibraltar Nature Reserve. This place is home to around 300 Barbary macaques, giving a wild touch to its raw charm. Reaching the top, visitors meet with a spacious viewing area and a restaurant. These conveniences make it an ideal spot to appreciate Gibraltar’s gorgeous nature and sumptuous food.


Mark Hamill, famous for his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, opened the Skywalk on March 21st, 2018. This new attraction in Gibraltar is definitely not for those who are scared easily! It’s in the spot of an old military lookout post. The glass platform sticks out from the edge of a cliff, letting you look down on the Jurassic dune below. It also gives stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea in the distance.

St. Michael’s Cave

In 45 CE, Roman writer Pomponius Melia mentioned St. Michael’s Cave. Now, it attracts millions of people each year. Visit and hear about how Simon Susarte, a shepherd, heroically led 500 soldiers to safety within it. You’ll see stalagmites, such as one that fell long ago. The Cave’s formations, which look like organ pipes in a cathedral, are stunning. Here, the temperature never changes and stalactites drip, rain or shine. If you’re up for it, you can book an exploration of Lower St. Michael’s Cave. Experienced guides will take you around, guiding you through tight spaces and near a lagoon’s edge. It’s an amazing experience, deep within Gibraltar.

Cable Car

One can’t skip the cable car ride in Gibraltar. In just six minutes, you’ll reach the Rock’s summit. Spectacular views will accompany you, including the renowned Barbary apes. From atop the station’s terraces, soak in the stunning panorama: the bustling town below, the Sierra Nevada in the north, Costa del Sol to the east, and the expansive Mediterranean Sea towards the south. You can even spot the Rif Mountains of North Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar. This spot gives you a glimpse of two continents, three countries, and two grand water bodies merging. Hire a private jet to Gibraltar and experience the scene that is utterly mesmerizing.

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Places To Stay In Gibraltar


The Sunborn Gibraltar provides a unique living experience in a 5-star yacht hotel in Gibraltar. It offers an infinity pool, spa, gym, and an in-house restaurant among its amenities, and visitors have access to free Wi-Fi. Accommodations range from rooms and apartments to suites, each offering views of the marina, rock formations, or the sea. They are equipped with flat-screen TVs, custom-made furniture, and air conditioning, with the added luxury of a champagne minibar and chic bath/shower rooms. The Sky Restaurant caters to tastes across seasons, all while providing a view of the ocean. The top deck houses a laid-back restaurant and the Aqua Lounge that features an outdoor pool and bar. Its spa offers various beauty treatments, a well-equipped gym, and saunas.


The Eliott Hotel, found in Gibraltar’s age-old city, provides a warm greeting at the junction of two continents. Its recently refurbished rooms are found in the heart of the business hub and tax-free shopping area. The rooms are spacious, featuring rainfall showers and striking views of the Strait of Gibraltar or the history-rich Rock of Gibraltar. Revel in the warmth of the Mediterranean on the Rooftop Pool and terrace. Treat yourself to a meal at our Rooftop Restaurant on the 8th floor, where you’ll get an unbeatable view of the Bay of Gibraltar. The Eliott Hotel is your passage to unforgettable adventures.


With its roots in the 1930s, the Rock Hotel blends old-world charm with modern amenities. Perfect for work or play, it features free Wi-Fi and well-planned areas for work or leisure. The bedrooms, both stylish and cosy, offer grand windows and balconies that overlook the Bay and Gibraltar Straits. You can begin your day with breakfast at the Restaurant and Wisteria Terrace, then enjoy Mediterranean and Moroccan dishes for lunch and dinner. The Lounge Bar, open from midday to midnight, offers breathtaking views and has been visited by famous people like Errol Flynn and Winston Churchill.


A stay at E1 Suites & Spa is like living in an apartment in Gibraltar, but just a quick stroll from the Eastern Beach. This aparthotel offers a sauna, hot tub, and free WiFi. With air conditioning throughout, you get a kitchen, balcony, and TV in your own space. You also have a personal parking spot and room service on-call. The restaurant on the ground floor does breakfast till dinner and mixes up tasty cocktails. Feel free to work out in the gym, or relax at the spa. Plus, Western Beach and Gibraltar International Airport are just a kilometre away.

Whether you’re planning a business trip or traveling for leisure, our team is here to offer the top-quality tailored service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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Private jet to Gibraltar Marina Bay, a picturesque view of boats and yachts docked in the tranquil waters of Gibraltar's Marina Bay.
Take a private jet to Town of Gibraltar: View of the charming streets and buildings of Gibraltar's town center.

What Are The Closest Airports in Gibraltar For A Private Jet Charter?

Airport NameAirport Code [IATA]Airport Code [ICAO]
Gibraltar AirportGIBLXGB

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