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Marbella is a charming spot in Spain’s southern Andalusia region. It enthrals its guests with a mix of splendid scenery, significant history, and the modern age comfort. On the beautiful Costa del Sol, Marbella is positioned, adorned by the spectacular Sierra Blanca Mountains. They act as a breathtaking setting for its beaches, grandiose villas, luxury hotels, and golf courses of the highest quality.

Yet, Marbella’s attraction isn’t only about its dazzling landscapes. Its roots trace back to ancient times, influenced by the Phoenicians, Romans, and Moors. This deep history has impacted Marbella’s style, traditions, and culture. For centuries, it saw metamorphosis from a humble fishing hub to a famous resort stop, serving as a hotspot for artists, writers, and nobles with its picture-perfect environment and pleasant climate.

In the 1900s, Marbella saw a shift, driven by Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe’s dream, who founded the well-known Marbella Club Hotel in 1954. This sparkled Marbella’s reputation as an escape for the affluent and celebrities such as Sean Connery, Elizabeth Taylor, and Audrey Hepburn frequented its beaches.

Today, Marbella upholds its status as an epitome of elegance and luxury. Its prominent zone houses the most prestigious nightclubs, boutique shops, and the stunning Puerto Banus Marina, where luxury yachts rest in the blue sea. Despite the shine and elegance, Marbella’s Old Town charm persists, with its twisted cobblestone paths, historic landmarks, and vibrant plazas, that provide a sneak peek into its rich history.

In Marbella, you can have a memorable trip, whether it’s through walking on the scenic promenade, golfing at elite courses or dining at high-end, starred restaurants. Marbella offers a blend of history, culture, and opulence. Here, we see the past meet the present in a unique way, showing us something interesting at every turn and filling every minute with an everlasting charm.

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Take a private jet flight to Marbella and visit Marbella Old Town, a historic area with winding streets and traditional Spanish architecture

Things To Do In Marbella

Book a private jet flight to Marbella and visit Puerto Banus, a luxurious marina in Marbella with yachts and upscale shops
Hire a private jet to Marbella and enjoy golf courses, surrounded by lush greenery and luxury villas

Visit The Old Town

Marbella’s Old Town is a neat and tidy area known for its eye-catching pedestrian roads. The buildings are bright white with red roofs. Bright bougainvillaea plants provide pops of colour throughout. Plaza de los Naranjos is a quiet spot, home to eateries surrounded by orange trees and well-kept yards. The clean atmosphere stands out, highlighted by sunlit tiles. The Old Town part of Marbella feels like a dreamy postcard scene. Each turn shows off a picturesque sight backed by a rich historical narrative.

Puerto Banús

A few kilometres east of old Marbella is the plush area of the resort, Puerto Banus. People like to compare it to the French Riviera with all its high-end shops, huge yachts, and fancy sports cars. It’s worth your while to check out the showy displays of riches. And don’t overlook the huge Rhinoceros sculpture by Salvador Dali – it weighs 3.6 tonnes! You can chill on the sandy beach in the day. And when evening comes, you can try to get a seat at one of the upscale restaurants, provided you’re dressed for it.


Marbella, a rich person’s playground, is home to a plethora of golf courses. 32 of these golf havens are just a short 30-minute drive from the resort. You can choose from elite clubs that require invites and come with luxury resorts and high fees. Or, you can opt for budget-friendly, hassle-free courses that cater to beginners and occasional golfers. Monte Paraiso, near the resort center, is perfect for beginners with its easy par-3 holes. At the same time, seasoned golfers will find their match at premium courses like Los Naranjos or La Quinta Golf and Country Club.

Alameda Park

Right below the ancient town, there’s a park that feels like a secret garden. It’s covered in tropical plants with marble paths weaving through. These paths lead to fountains and seating areas – great for escaping the midday sun or enjoying your morning coffee. Notice the benches? They’re decorated with “azulejos”, unique Andalusian tiles. Each tile tells a story about the city’s past and its landmarks. Plus, there are balustrades on two sides of the park that give it a touch of class.

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Places To Stay In Marbella


If you’re looking for a place to relax and refresh in Marbella, consider Hotel Don Pepe Gran Melia. It’s a fantastic 5-star hotel known for its homely feel and closeness to top dining places and sights. The hotel offers cosy rooms equipped with things like big-screen TVs, mini-refrigerators, and air coolers. Also, the internet access is provided, and there’s the convenience of help-at-hand and in-room services. There’s an on-site pool and the hotel also offers breakfast. Located near notable places such as Fuente La Venus de Marbella and Avenida del Mar, Hotel Don Pepe Gran Melia serves as a great jumping-off point for exploring the city. Whether you’re on a work trip or a fun holiday, Hotel Don Pepe Gran Melia promises a memorable Marbella experience.


Welcome to Nobu Hotel Marbella, a place for leaders of style and those seeking fun. Found in the esteemed ‘Golden Mile’ in southern Spain, this top-notch hotel is right next to beautiful sandy beaches and breathtaking Mediterranean waters. Feel at home in airy, open-plan rooms with spacious balconies that gaze upon La Plaza, Marbella’s bustling square. Furthermore, the renowned Chef Nobu Matsuhisa serves up his famous dishes for you to enjoy round the clock in your room with prime seating at Nobu Restaurant. Re-energize at the gym, find peace at the Six Senses Spa, or sip a calming cocktail by the shore. This top-tier retreat provides access to Marbella’s leading nightclub, delightful cuisine, and gorgeous coastal views. The lively ambience and incredible food make every moment special.


Puente Romano Beach Resort is a lively hub located in the Mediterranean. Positioned on Spain’s southern coastline on the famous “Golden Mile”, this resort sits neatly between Marbella and Puerto Banus. It holds a proud position in the “Leading Hotels of the World” group. Puente Romano is a mere 45-minute drive from Malaga airport. The resort, structured like a charming Andalusian village, boasts more than 15 restaurants and bars, a spa, wellness facilities, botanical gardens, and a renowned tennis court. Paired with year-round sunshine, these amazing amenities deliver an unforgettable experience. At this 5-star resort, you can enjoy the finest that life has to offer. Puente Romano is one of Europe’s top resorts.


The Marbe­lla Club Hotel nestles be­tween Marbella and Pue­rto Banús. The once private re­sidence of Prince Alfonso von Hohe­nlohe provides direct be­ach access and boasts 2 pools within verdant gardens. In addition to 5 on-site­ restaurants, guests reside­ in rooms overlooking the sea or garde­n from private terraces. Dive­rse dining options include International and Spanish cuisine­s. Beyond the hotel, de­signer shops and eaterie­s await in Puerto Banús. The resort also offe­rs transport to Marbella Club Golf Course, featuring 18 hole­s against a backdrop of Mediterranean and African panoramas. The­ Thalasso Spa delivers a collection of tre­atments alongside stunning sea vie­ws. For families, the Kids’ Club prese­nts a range of exciting recre­ational and educational activities.

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Fly on a private jet to Marbella and enjoy relaxing in one of the Marbella's luxury resorts by the beach.
The view of luxury yachts docked in Marbella, showcasing the opulent lifestyle of the area

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Airport NameAirport Code [IATA]Airport Code [ICAO]
Malaga-Costa del Sol AirportAGPLEMG
Gibraltar AirportGIBLXGB

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