Top 5 Facilities You Can Find at VIP Lounges

Airport VIP Lounge Facilities

Airport and FBO VIP lounges are an essential complement to any private jet flight. We often focus on the many advantages of flying, but what is the remaining experience like? The exclusive nature of travel can start once you step out of your home and last until you arrive at your destination.

Today we focus on some exciting facilities you can find at VIP lounges worldwide. Some are in well-known international airports, while others are exclusive to the world’s best FBOs. One thing we’re sure of: you’ll never look at your airport experience in the same fashion.

Exercise Before the Flight

The concept may seem odd to some, but those leading high-paced careers know how time tends to slip away. If mens sana in corpore sano – a healthy mind in a healthy body – is something to live by, you must take advantage of every possible opportunity.

The best VIP lounges offer various exercise options, including cardio, free weights, treadmills, and ellipticals. Yoga is certainly not out of the question and will help you relax, while even a mechanized resistance pool is in the cards. Swim against a current, then take advantage of steam rooms, massages and a range of SPA treatments that challenge any 5-star resort.

Enjoy The Perfect Meal

Delicious Gourmet Food on VIP Lounges

You can find a wide range of delicacies onboard, but those available on the best VIP lounges may tempt you well before you board. Consider fresh, chef-made meals, a healthy low-carb snack or even a forbidden sushi combo.

Even the most basic VIP lounges offer coffee, tea, fresh fruit, snacks and juices to ensure you can relax comfortably while looking after yourself. Ask for your favourite dish in advance, and you might be happily surprised.

All Work and No Play

We’re not judging, and sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a single day. If work follows you everywhere, the best VIP lounges have the facilities to accommodate your needs. Nothing is off limits whether you’re after simple yet reliable and fast wi-fi connections or require a private room for a meeting.

Your productivity will benefit from the conditions of a luxurious co-working space, with the added benefit of being just as relaxed and letting you remain as undisturbed as you’d like.

A Concierge at Your Service on VIP Lounges

FBO For First Time Private Jet Flyers

You’ll frequently find a dedicated luxury concierge on FBOs, even though VIP lounges on main terminals may also offer this service. A concierge can assist you with virtually anything you require while in transit.

Whether arranging other services within the VIP lounge, letting you know when it’s time to board, or booking any range of services you require. A night at the opera? A reservation for a Michelin-starred restaurant on arrival? Nothing is beyond the ability of these persuasive professionals.

Who Needs a Hotel Anyway?

VIP Lounge at Luton Airport

A few of the best FBOs in the world offers far more than a luxurious lounge. From Tel Aviv to Los Angeles, you can benefit from luxury rooms to enjoy anonymity and recover in full before you set off on your trip.

There’s no need to waste time back and forth between airfields and hotels – not when you can take a solid rest and make the most of your day.

There is a world of incredible commodities awaiting. From the simplest comforts to the most exclusive, they all share one common approach: a unique way of travelling.

Contact us today, and our team will prepare a comfortable and memorable private jet experience that meets your highest expectations.

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