Flying Privately For The First Time

Travelling is one of those few things that make us smile and never fails to get our hearts pounding with excitement. The sheer perspective of watching the sunset from 40.000ft up in the air whilst enjoying a lovely glass of champagne and land just in time for an exotic dinner is priceless.

Breakfast at home, lunch up above the clouds, dinner in a dream location of your pick. Those few that understand the value of time know best the challenges posed by flying. First-class lounges and airlines do their best to make up for most of the hassle. Still, by the end of the day, you’re sharing many of the same issues as everyone else until you get to your destination. By then, the experience won’t feel anywhere as exclusive as it once did.

One of the perks of flying privately lies in that permanent invitation to find no queue at all in your path. It’s a unique experience in its own right and one designed to treat you far better than anything up until that point.

Charter Gulfstream G700 for a private jet flight

The Benefits of Flying Privately

Those that opt for flying a private jet for the first time all share a child-like look on their face before a world of amazement and wonder – don’t worry, after many years, so do we.

Newcomers are in for a treat. We’ve mentioned the queues, but most importantly, you’ll more often find your aircraft waiting for you than the opposite. One of the benefits of flying privately is that your time and convenience are always a priority.

The onboard experience is as luxurious as your best expectations can hope for. It’s by far a superior one when comparing flying private vs commercial. Forget about cramped space and the physical challenge of stowing hand luggage. Ignore that tiny curtain most airlines define as “privacy” between you and your fellow first-class passengers. The extra room is the definition by which these flights exist. At your disposal, it is enough to work, enjoy a lovely meal or relax undisturbed until touchdown.

Paramount privacy is guaranteed, and you’d be surprised to find out how many global businesses have been sealed on similar flights thanks to that added benefit. Flying a private jet is a world of fun and opportunity. There’s no one else on board apart from you and your guests – except for the friendly crew, naturally.

Fly private as a couple

The Cost of Flying Privately

One of the reasons why so many deter from flying private is the misconception of the cost of flying privately. However, many soon discover that the price of flying privately is a much better deal than what the exclusive environment may suggest.

First-class airline tickets can cost as much or even more than a chartered aircraft that meets your needs. And that’s without all the hassle of flying commercial – including long queues and waiting times. Besides, you’re not getting any of the added perks of flying privately. When you consider the overall package, the price of flying privately becomes exceptionally competitive and inviting.

It’s essential to realise how flexible flying private vs commercial is. These are genuinely customisable flights to meet your needs over a tailor-made travel experience designed by you and for you.

From our perspective, clouds don’t tend to differ much apart. But the experience you’ll find is only amongst the benefits of flying privately. 

Who knows, perhaps once you give it a try, you’ll find a different silver lining.

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