How Can Businesses Benefit From Private Jet Charters?

Benefits for businesses of flying private

Many businesses use private jet charters not as a luxury tool but as an essential business tool to increase the efficiency of the business. Travelling for business is one of the main reasons company executives, directors and other members of staff charter private jets. Businesses can benefit from private jet charters in many ways, such as comfort, convenience, flexibility and most importantly – privacy. Since, flying is the safest, fastest and most convenient way to travel, many businesses resort to private jet charters.

With the recent instability in commercial aviation; cancelled flights, delays, lost luggage and uncertainty, many businesses have taken the decision to use private jet charter services as means of transport.

Private flights can offer better alternatives to flying. So, how can businesses benefit from private jet charters?

It Saves Time

This is probably the main benefit of why businesses choose private jet charters. Of course, flying on commercial airlines can be cost-effective for the business however, you need to take into account crowded airports, security lines, flight time and commuting time.

Flying on a private jet allows you to skip the long queues, and arrive at the airport 15 minutes before your departure while saving valuable time doing what is important for your business. Flying on a private jet for long-haul flights helps to avoid layovers and overnight stays at the airport or a hotel, as well as the waiting time between connecting flights.

According to the report from EBAA, business aviation flights save on average 127 minutes across all Europen point-to-point flight routes, when compared with the fastest commercial transport. What is more, about 20% of business aviation flights result in more than five hours of time saved on long-haul flights, compared to commercial alternatve. The main factors that resulted in saved time were delays and airport procedures.

Businesses can benefit from VIP Airliner private jet charters

It Improves Work Efficiency

As the world is becoming more connected, technology is moving forward in keeping individuals connected no matter where they are, that is also including private jets. By flying private, you will be exposed to a Wi-Fi connection on the aircraft, allowing you to work and have meetings with no interruptions, and avoid vacant lavatories or distractions in the cabin, which would often be the case on a commercial aircraft.

Why not travel to your business meeting in your own private office on a private jet? Bigger aircraft such as VIP Airliners have been converted to suit the needs of exclusive jet charters for crew movements, consisting of beds and even a shower, all at your own convenience. The world of business aviation is limitless and it all depends on the needs of yourself and your business.

When chartering a private jet with a broker, you will also avoid the stress of catering arrangements, ground transfers, helicopter transfers and online check-ins. Private jets are a great productivity tool, allowing you to travel hassle-free, while you can solely focus on your business arrangements.

Security And Privacy

Many businesses choose private jet travels for privacy and security reasons. When travelling for business, you can meet your business partners, plan and work en route, whilst discussing confidential information in an environment that is not exposed to eavesdropping, physical threat or espionage.

Although the tail number of the aircraft can be tracked, the passenger manifest is absolutely confidential. The public has no access to information regarding the passengers on board. The likelihood of being recognised on board is not an issue when you fly private, your privacy and anonymity are always the priority in the business aviation industry.

Avoiding loud commercial flights, distractions and intrusive manners of the passengers whilst sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying the flight while focusing on what matters to you the most is always beneficial to those who travel for business.

Businesses can benefit from private jet charters

Flexibility And Convenience

Looking for a last-minute flight? That might be a challenge if you wanted to book a commercial flight however, that is not the case with private aviation. While last-minute reservations on a commercial flight can be costly, due to the carrier raising the ticket prices to increase revenues, this is not the case with private aviation. Private jet charters mostly charge the same price, whether the flight is today, tomorrow or next month, it all depends on where the aircraft is positioned.

Long queues at the security checks at the airport can be frustrating, however flying private takes away the stress by providing you with the top quality service at the exclusive VIP lounges at the airport, helping you avoid the crowds. Want to take a ground transfer right to your aircraft? Not a problem, your personal chauffeur will handle that. On your arrival, your passport can be checked by the federal border police inside the aircraft. After the checks have been made, you can leave the airport straight after stepping off your private jet.

On-demand charters are a great way to schedule your journey as you can pick the time and date that is the most convenient for you. You can also benefit from access to more airports than a commercial flight, reducing the commuting time to your final destination.

Professional Service

One of the main reasons why business aviation is favoured by many businesses is because of customer service. The client is always the top priority and you will always receive a professional service from rigorously trained aviation experts, whether you’re in the VIP lounge at the airport or airborne. A good private jet charter broker will always ensure the industry level of service you receive before, during and after your private jet flight.


The benefits of private jet charters for businesses are vast, taking away the stress, whilst providing convenience, luxury and creating a secure environment for travel. We always make sure that our clients reap the benefits of private jet charters and that their flights are seamless and stress-free.

If you believe your business could benefit from private jet charters, we are always here to assist you and provide industry-level service regarding bespoke private jet charters.

In order to get exclusive rates for a private jet charter, you can always contact our team of aviation advisors who will ensure that you are receiving the best rates and exclusive experience.

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