Jetiquette: How to Shine on a Private Jet Flight

Jetiquette, how to shine on a private jet flight.

Jetiquette is essential for those wishing to travel on a private jet in the near future. None of these goes beyond common sense and basic manners. They are similar to visiting a fancy restaurant, attending the opera, or a formal event. Such specific scenarios often invite us to act in a particular manner, according to the instituted rules.

But how can you know what the rules are when it’s your first time on board a private jet flight? Don’t expect it to vary widely according to the charter company you booked, and rest assured that even though the experience is luxurious, it’s also designed to be stress-free.

Nevertheless, we’re here to help. By following our tips and taking a sneak peek behind the curtain, we’ll ensure the next time you hop on board; it will be more relaxed and welcoming than you could ever anticipate.

Time is a Precious Commodity

Aviation, as a whole, understands the importance of time. Days are measured by the second, and there isn’t a single pilot or VIP flight attendant in the world that wishes to be late.

In that same sense, you’ll find these professionals are amongst the most understanding and empathic when it comes to valuing your own time. They’ll go to unparalleled limits and beyond to guarantee the aircraft is ready for departure before your scheduled time.

As a result, good Jetiquette revolves around ensuring you observe the schedule to the best of your ability.

Time is a commodity when it comes to jetiquette. Scheduling time is important for private jet charter flights.

Attitude Goes a Long Way

The crew onboard will look after you whether it’s your first experience or if you’re a frequent customer. Regardless, don’t hesitate in interacting with them.

A kind smile and a word of appreciation will always go a long way. Even if you plan to have most of the time for yourself during the experience, your space will undoubtedly be respected. If you are on a mission to win everyone over, take some delicatessen with you, and who knows? – that aircraft may land before the scheduled time.

Your Best Behaviour – Or the Next Best Thing!

Consuming large quantities of alcohol, swearing or misbehaving is not acceptable and may create uncomfortable situations for all on board. Being respectful is an absolute must, as there is often zero-tolerance rules against abusive behaviour.

That means observing the basic rules of social interaction and complying with all mandatory safety rules provided onboard. It may also mean that you’ll have to wait for the party to start after landing at your destination.

Your Pets are in Good Hands

It may not come as a surprise to learn that your furry best friends can also find a few special perks and utmost comfort onboard.

It’s always a good idea to ensure they go through some grooming beforehand. After all, dirty paws or an unpleasant scent is something that can easily be solved before boarding the aircraft.

Your pets are always in good hands on a private jet flight.

Luggage Aside

Unlike commercial flights, your luggage is in safe hands and will be carried by the crew or ground staff. After all, the experience is about your convenience and comfort.

If you’re planning to fly heavy and couldn’t resist that shopping spree, it’s a positive attitude to inform the airline and/or crew beforehand. That makes it easier to accommodate everything without compromise and ensure your gifts arrive in safe hands right on time.

Jetiquette on board a private jet isn’t all that different to any scenario where people are on their best behaviour. No one expects you to dress up for the Oscars, nor should you show up in your pyjamas – but do put them on for that night flight, as your comfort is paramount.

Opt for the chance to indulge in a classy, comfortable, and discreet experience. None of which will say anything negative about you and will most likely work out in your favour.

Contact us today for your opportunity to give your own Jetiquette a try with our tips and discover the world that awaits in a truly unique fashion.

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