Most Luxurious Private Jet Terminals

The best part of flying on a private jet is not just the flight itself, but also the added experience of enjoying some of the most luxurious private jet terminals anywhere in the world.

A private aircraft customer shouldn’t expect anything less than excellent service when it comes to their time spent travelling. From arrival to departure, flying private offers a wide range of benefits. This includes relaxing at a dedicated and luxurious lounge, the absence of waiting lines, fantastic in-flight service and entertainment.

Discover these terminals, and you may wonder whether these are five-star hotels. From premium concierge services, beautifully designed lobbies, grand entrances, fine arts, top security, catering, CIQ (Customs, Immigration, Quarantine), and easy access to a jet, it’s hard to find a better-catered solution to travel in style. 

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Signature Aviation, London Biggin Hill Airport, UK

This private terminal at Biggin Hill has been voted the best European FBO by the readers of Professional Pilot magazine.

Included are its VIP lounge, crew facilities, aircraft parking, immigration and customs. It operates 24/7, which makes it a compelling choice for those opting to fly in and out of one of the most luxurious private jet terminals in the world.

The terminal is also family-friendly, with a designated area for children. In addition, you also find one of the best service lounges anywhere in the world for adults. It hosts dedicated support for both business or private flight customers. This covers areas such as medical support or even a dedicated concierge – all within the terminal premises.

Jetex FBO Terminal, Dubai

The new VIP terminal building currently serves only private jets and features an award-winning FBO team, dedicated to providing personalized service to passengers and crew flying to the Middle East.

It is truly an architectural masterpiece, with the highest level of care and attention to luxurious details. Here, customers have the option to indulge in its first-class amenities that include the world’s first Rolls-Royce air transfer. If you can, then you really should!

Business travellers can use the conference room for meetings, a variety of shopping or resting rooms, all without leaving the terminal. Meanwhile, the immigration and customs services take care of everything else. Overall, expect nothing short of a truly luxurious and efficient environment catered for today’s VIP travellers.

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MJets Private Jet Terminal, Bangkok, Thailand

The MJets Private Jet Terminal is the first and only FBO in Thailand. It has been voted as the best FBO in Asia, and the fourth-best in the eastern hemisphere by Aviation International News.

Considered one of the most luxurious private jet terminals worldwide, it features an impressive executive lounge. This area includes private areas for VIP passengers looking to hold meetings or simply wishing to rest. It’s also a great starting point for a luxurious visit to the Asian capital.

It meets the highest safety standards, with world-class service, and the personal cultural and warm touch of a Thai welcome. This level of attention to detail keeps making MJets a reference when it comes to private aviation in Thailand and South-East Asia.

Fattal VIP Terminal, Tel Aviv

Fattal Terminal is the first private terminal in Israel. It offers an exclusive, private and personalized hospitality experience upon arrival or departure from the country. Known for being a fast-paced destination that caters to all tastes, this terminal is the right starting – and ending – point for your visit.

This magnificent terminal includes check-in points, border control, runway access and a variety of other amenities. Its goal is to make your short stay meet the highest possible expectations. Passengers can indulge in luxuries such as private lounges with personalized service levels, private resting rooms that include showers and even a butler.

The Fattal Terminal offers elite travellers a private airport experience, which in return provides a unique and luxurious VIP experience.

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Dassault Jet Terminal – Le Bourget, Paris, France

The Dassault Jet Terminal at Paris Le Bourget Airport has consistently been considered one of the most luxurious private jet terminals to look up to.

This terminal has recently been renewed. In addition to all the luxury services, it now offers a snooze room with zero-gravity position energy capsules. The capsules have music to help you sleep. Whenever the time comes to wake up, they gently vibrate, resulting in a reinvigorating experience.

The Dassault Jet Terminal is also the largest Falcon Service Centres in Europe. Here, technicians are on hand with current jet maintenance information, house training courses that follow the strictest regulatory requirements for owners and operators.

You may discover these and many other luxurious terminals around the world today. Contact us now for your free quote, and let us make your next flying experience one designed to surpass your highest expectations.

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