New Year’s Eve Destinations by Private Jet

New Year's Eve Destinations and Celebrations Worldwide

Our New Year’s Eve destinations invite us to enjoy one of the world’s most significant celebrations. We set our course and discover some of the finest celebrations worldwide. All with the exclusivity only a private chartered jet can offer.

There’s much to be excited about while we countdown in some of the world’s largest cities, paradise beaches and bays. What awaits is far more than the best fireworks displays or an endless flow of champagne. Throughout this trip, you’ll enjoy some of the finest amenities available anywhere.

A day for celebration

New Year’s Eve is much more than a simple commemoration. We say goodbye to the year that has passed and embrace the new days ahead with hope. But despite this moment’s joy, reaching the best New Year’s Eve destinations can become arduous.

Worry not. Throughout this article, we present you with some of the finest end-of-year destinations to enjoy thoroughly, especially when trusting the aid of an air charter service.

Sydney, Australia

New Year's Eve Destinations Include the Celebrations in Sydney, Australia

Here you will find one of the finest fireworks displays anywhere in the world, including many luxurious parties. A classic option is to visit the Sydney Opera House, which always offers spectacular attractions and great food. Don’t forget that flights to Australia can be long and tiring. Our suggestion? A private charter flight can fly you there with peace of mind while relaxing, arriving full of energy just in time for the big party.

Cancun, Mexico

New Year's Eve Destinations in the Paradise Beaches of Cancún, Mexico

For those who enjoy dancing in the open air to upbeat music, beach, sun and cocktails, a trip to Cancun is a must. Several local resorts throw great parties to celebrate the arrival of the new year, such as the Villa Del Palmar Cancun Resort.

Think about all the commodities you find at home, but this time around, you get to say goodbye to the past year enjoying the sunshine in front of paradise beaches. We can only recommend this radical set change if you haven’t tried it yet.

Las Vegas, United States

New Year's Eve Destinations Include Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America

The city of Las Vegas resembles a non-stop party all year round, but when celebrating the new year, the excitement gets even more prominent. After all, it’s Vegas – where you either go large or go home. This is one of the best New Year’s Eve destinations to travel via executive jet charter for you who enjoy casinos, shows with some of the greatest names on the planet, and that irresistible touch of bohemia.

Don’t miss the fireworks at the top of the Plaza Hotel, and witness how the glowing city of sin can throw an unforgettable New Year’s Eve party.

Madeira, Portugal

New Year's Eve Destinations Include Madeira Island, Portugal

The island of Madeira in Portugal is an excellent destination to arrive by private jet across Europe and America alike. New Year’s Eve celebrations are breathtaking, with one of the largest fireworks displays on the planet in honour of St. Sylvester.

The bay of Funchal comes to life with dozens of cruise ships and thousands of visitors waiting to see the grand spectacle. Those living in the UK and Europe can benefit from the mild weather, fabulous views and welcoming spirit of the “Madeirenses” – all a short flight away.

The island has an airport next to the city of Funchal, facilitating your arrival. Luxurious 5-star hotels for a super refined New Year’s Eve will complement your stay, such as Belmond Reid’s Palace.

New York, United States

New Years Eve Destinations Include New York, United States of America

One of the most popular spots for New Year’s Eve unforgettable parties is New York City. Here we can’t help but resist the classic “ball drop”. Some of the best hotels offer exclusive parties for VIP guests with a prime view of the event, such as the Knickerbocker.

With the city packed with tourists, how about a treat? You can go straight from your private jet to the hotel using an air taxi service. That’s super-exclusive and will surely add to the memory of a time well spent in the Big Apple.

Final considerations

This article brought you some of the best places for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. In this particular period, airports are crowded, and commercial flights are often delayed or overbooked. Much usually goes wrong due to the excess traffic everywhere.

We suggest considering renting a private jet to avoid all the hardship of travel and get to your destination comfortably. The most challenging task might be focusing on your glass of champagne and making resolutions for the year ahead. Regarding all other details, leave them up to us.

Contact our team while there’s still time this year. Book your end-of-year trip to the dream New Year’s Eve destination you’ve been postponing.

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