What Are Private Jet Category C Airports?

London City Airport is a Private Jet Category C Airport

Category C Airports in the aviation industry are known for their challenges. The pilots who operate in and out of these airports are required to undergo specific training in order to be able to navigate their distinct characteristics. The training for the pilots involves both theory and practice, thus ensuring that pilots are fully equipped to handle the operations and complexities associated with Category C Airports.

What Are the Challenges at Category C Airports?

The unique characteristics of Category C Airports require an in-depth understanding and specific procedures during the approach and departure. These airports present a set of challenges for the pilots and these challenges always demand careful consideration. That is why, not all the aircraft operators tend to operate to these airports, mainly due to the lack of training of the pilots. However, some operators have qualified and certified pilots who are able to operate in and out of these airports.

A private jet charter broker will always prepare a contingency plan and offer a solution where the pilots are fully trained and qualified to operate in and out of the Category C Airports. Because these airports might present difficult approach and landing circumstances, the pilots also need to take into account challenging weather conditions around those airports. Quick adaptability and decision-making are essential whilst operating in and out of the Category C Airports.

Private Jet from UK and London

Category C: London City Airport

London City Airport which is located in London, United Kingdom is in Category C. It is situated in a tight area, surrounded by buildings and has a relatively short runway. Thus, presenting a set of challenges for the pilots who operate in and out of this airport. Due to the tall buildings at the Canary Wharf, the approach to the airport becomes rather steep. That is why, pilots here are required to undergo additional training compared to the standard airports, specifically highlighting the importance of preparation of operating for each airport category.

Private Jet Charter to Category C Airports

Private jet charter comes with many perks, including flexibility, convenience, safety, security and comfort. However, these are not all the perks that private jet travellers tend to benefit from. Because commercial airlines tend to operate in and out of commercial airports, private jet charters can take you closer to your final destination. Private jets can access smaller airports and this can be a big advantage, especially when dealing with Category C Airports.

Runway Categorization

Airport runways are categorized into three types:

  • Category A, where no special procedures are needed.
  • Category B, involves slightly out-of-the-ordinary circumstances during landing.
  • Category C, can only be landed on by experienced pilots with specific training.

Understanding these categories is crucial for pilots, especially when facing the challenges of Category C runways.

European Category C Airports

Europe hosts several Category C airports, each with its own unique features. From Akureyri, Iceland, to Tivat, Montenegro, these airports demand specific attention and expertise from pilots. The diverse geography and weather conditions of these locations contribute to the need for specialized training.

These are the European Category C Airports:

  • Akurayri, Iceland
  • Albenga, Italy
  • Annecy, France
  • Bacau, Romania
  • Bardufoss, Norway
  • Bern, Switzerland
  • Calvi, France
  • Funchel, Madeira
  • Innsbruck, Austria
  • Klagenfurt, Austria
  • London City, United Kingdom
  • Lugano, Switzerland
  • Samos, Greece
  • Sumburgh, United Kingdom
  • Tivat, Montenegro
  • Tromso, Norway

Access to multiple airports ensures private jet hire safety

Crew and Pilot Training Requirements

Pilots and the crew must undergo specific and specialized training courses in order to operate at Category C airports successfully. These training courses tend to consist of simulator exercises, ground sessions and practical flying experience.

At Challenge Jet Charter, we always make sure that our clients get to their final destination without any issues. If the departure or arrival must take place at one of the Category C airports, we will always make sure that the crew and the pilots are fully qualified and certified to operate at those airports.


In conclusion, operating at Category C airports can be quite challenging and it requires a high level of expertise and training. Although, there are some challenges posed by these airports such as approach and landing, as well as usual weather conditions, private jet pilots are still able to operate and take you closer to your final destination. At Challenge Jet Charter, we have access to a worldwide network of aircraft operators and we will always make sure that the pilots and the crew are fully trained and certified whilst operating at such airports.


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