Private Jet Charter In Europe

Private jet charter in Europe

For those seeking a luxurious private jet charter getaway in Europe, renting a private aircraft is a top-tier option for those who value comfort and style. If you are accustomed to first-class service, a customized flight is the ideal choice. Europe is a favoured destination among luxury travellers, as it offers a unique blend of varied cultures, bustling cities, and serene, picturesque locales. From the vibrant streets of London to the sun-kissed beaches of France, Europe presents numerous stunning locations for visitors to explore and relish.

Most Popular Private Jets in Europe

When it comes to private jet charter in Europe, passengers seek out the finest in comfort, style, and performance. Among the top choices for discerning travellers are:

Citation XLS

The Citation XLS is a favourite super light jet among Europe’s jet-setters thanks to its stylish design and powerful capabilities. Its spacious cabin interior and advanced technology provide top comfort, whether you’re flying for work or leisure. Citation XLS can accommodate 7-9 passengers.

Sample Fares by Route:

Citation CJ2+

The Citation CJ2+ light jet is known for its speed and productivity. It’s a great choice for quick private jet charter flights around Europe. Its small size and excellent range make regional travel smooth and easy. Citation CJ2 can accommodate 6-7 passengers.

Sample Fares by Route:

  • From Glasgow to Paris: starting from €11,000
  • From Geneva to Athens: starting from €16,000

Fully refurbished Phenom 300 Private Jet Interior

Phenom 300

The Phenom 300 is a leader in both function and comfort in the category of super light jets. It boasts spacious interiors and high-tech features, making any private jet charter flight across Europe in this aircraft a truly top-notch experience. Phenom 300 can accommodate 6-8 passengers.

Sample Fares by Route:

Citation Mustang

Small but mighty, Citation Mustang is in the very light jet category and it is perfect for travellers who value both economy and comfort. Its nimble manoeuvrability and long reach make getting from one European location to another a quick and enjoyable experience. Citation Mustang can accommodate around 4 passengers.

Sample Fares by Route:

  • From Lyon to Zurich: starting from €7,000
  • From Antwerp to Hamburg: starting from €8,000

Global 6000 Private Jet Interior

Global 6000

The Global 6000 ultra long range jet gives you comfort and range that stands out. It’s great for long-haul private jet charter flights, even ones across Europe. It has a spacious cabin and luxurious amenities. So, when it comes to long-haul and intercontinental travel, the Global 6000 sets a new standard. Global 6000 can accommodate around 14 passengers.

Sample Fares by Route:

Challenger 650

The heavy jet Challenger 650 blends speed and comfort to be a top pick for cross-continental travels. Its spacious interior and high-tech features set a new level of comfort for lengthy trips. Challenger 650 can accommodate 8-12 passengers.

Sample Fares by Route:

  • From Paris to Istanbul: starting from €39,000
  • From Geneva to London: starting from €28,000

Falcon 2000LXS Interior Cabin

Falcon 2000LXS

The Falcon 2000LXS carves a niche in the realm of high-end, high-performance heavy jets. It features spacious cabins and impressive range capabilities. This makes the Falcon 2000LX a go-to choice for selective travellers seeking an uninterrupted journey. Falcon 2000LX can accommodate around 10 passengers.

Sample Fares by Route:

Busiest Private Jet Airports in Europe

Europe has a vast system of private jet airports set up across its landscape to meet the needs of VIP travellers. These airports are carefully built to offer special services and features, customized for the particular requirements of particular passengers. They present everything from exclusive VIP terminals to custom concierge services, making luxury travel smooth and effortless from start to end.

The busiest airports in Europe for private flights include:

United Kingdom:



  • Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)
  • Munich International Airport (MUC)
  • Hamburg Airport (HAM)



Private jet charter broker in Europe

Most Popular Private Jet Routes in Europe

People who want to travel across Europe can consider several popular routes. These routes not only link famous European cities but, also give entry to unique places and cultural treasures that capture Europe’s charm.

These are some of the most popular private jet routes in Europe:

  1. London to Paris
  2. London to Nice
  3. Paris to Geneva
  4. Paris to Nice
  5. Geneva to London
  6. London to Mykonos


Summing up, private jet charter in Europe presents top-tier comfort and ease for selective travellers. It features a variety of aircraft choices, unique airport amenities, and smooth transitions between locations. Private jet trips offer a matchless experience for those pursuing the best in custom air travel.


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