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Private Jet Charter CostWhat Do You Pay For?

The cost of private jet hire can vary and there are many factors that are worth considering when estimating the price of a private flight. Our team at Challenge Jet Charter has presented a guide for you in order to help to navigate and estimate the costs for a private jet hire.

Hiring A Private Jet

This is the first question most individuals have when it comes to the private jet charter price. Although there are many ways to access private jet charters such as private jet cards and fractional ownership, Challenge Jet Charter focuses solely on on-demand charter flights. On-demand private jet charter is one of the easiest ways to enter the business aviation market and it involves booking a private jet for a specific trip with a one-off fee.

There are many components that are involved in the estimation of the private jet hire cost. The cost of your private jet flight is a combination of aircraft hourly rate, landing fees, hourly fees and crew costs. There are also other components that could affect the charter flight price, such as additional services but those are generally charged after the private jet flight.

Hawker 900XP charter cost
Global 6000 Private Jet Interior

What Does The Private Jet Hire Cost?

Hiring a private jet can cost between €1,400 and €11,000 per billable hour. These hourly rates will depend on the wide selection of aircraft you wish to charter. The most economical private jets such as Turboprops, Very Light Jets, Light Jets and Super Light Jets can cost between €1,400 and €3,500 per flight hour.

Moving higher into the aircraft category, Midsize Jets and Super Midsize Jets can cost between €3,500 and €6,000 per flight hour. If you wish to charter larger aircraft such as Heavy Jets and Ultra Long Range Jets, you should expect to pay somewhere between €5,700 and €11,000 per flight hour.

If you wish to have an ultra-luxury flight experience, you can hire a VIP Airliner such as Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) or Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) which could cost between €11,000 to €20,000 per hour.

Private Jet Hire Hourly RatesFor Each Aircraft Category

King Air 200 private jet parked in the airport and ready to take off


Price Per Hour

€1,400 – €2,300

Cabin Height4ft 7in – 4ft 10in
Speed300 – 560 km/h
Range (Hours)2:50 – 3:50 hrs
Cessna Citation M2 very light jet aircraft

Very Light Jets

Price Per Hour

€1,900 – €2,600

Cabin Height4ft 2in – 4ft 10in
Speed610 – 688 km/h
Range (Hours)2:40 – 3:10 hrs
Cessna Citation CJ4 light jet aircraft

Light Jets

Price Per Hour

€2,500 – €3,000

Cabin Height4ft 1in – 5ft 1in
Speed570 – 912 km/h
Range (Hours)2:40 – 5:25 hrs
Embraer Phenom 300E super light jet aircraft

Super Light Jets

Price Per Hour

€2,900 – €3,500

Cabin Height4ft 2in – 5ft
Speed710 – 862 km/h
Range (Hours)4:00 – 5:25 hrs
Hawker 900XP midsize jet aircraft

Midsize Jets

Price Per Hour

€3,000 – €4,300

Cabin Height4ft 8in – 5ft 9in
Speed693 – 870 km/h
Range (Hours)2:20 – 7:50 hrs
Challenger 350 Private jet Exterior

Super Midsize Jets

Price Per Hour

€4,200 – €6,000

Cabin Height5ft 6in – 6ft 2in
Speed695 – 982 km/h
Range (Hours)5:30 – 8:00 hrs
Bombardier Challenger 650 Heavy Jet

Heavy Jets

Price Per Hour

€5,800 – €8,200

Cabin Height5ft 9in – 6ft 2in
Speed900 – 950 km/h
Range (Hours)3:00 – 12:50 hrs
Global 7500 Private Jet Exterior

Ultra Long Range Jets

Price Per Hour

€8,000 – €11,000

Cabin Height6ft 1in – 6ft 4in
Speed710 – 982 km/h
Range (Hours)10:00 – 15:00 hrs
Airbus ACJ319 Corporate Jet External View

VIP Airliners

Price Per Hour

€16,000 – €24,000+

Cabin Height6ft 4in – 7ft 3in
Speed850 – 900 km/h
Range (Hours)3:00 – 15:00 hrs

How Much Does A Private Jet Charter Cost?

Our team at Challenge Jet Charter have put some example routes that would typically happen in the private jet market so you can have an idea of how much you’re expected to pay when chartering a private aircraft. Our prices are always all-inclusive and there are no hidden costs. When we present a quotation for your private jet flight, we always include all the fees and taxes in our final price, unless otherwise stated.

Flight ItineraryAircraftSeatsEstimated Price
Paris – DubaiLegacy 650
Legacy 650
New York – LondonGulfstream G650
Gulfstream G650
Nice – London – NiceCitation Mustang
Citation Mustang Side View
Rome – Geneva – RomeCitation CJ3+
Citation CJ3

How To Charter a Private Jet?

Although, it might look that chartering a private jet is a complicated process – that is not the case. Private jet booking is an easy process and it involves only a few steps. This is how your private jet booking works:

Whether you’re planning a business trip or travelling for leisure, our team is here to offer top-quality tailored service 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Contact one of our Private Jet advisors and we will help you to arrange your private jet flight with ease, comfort and reliability.

You can call us on +44 203 900 3023 to enquire about private jet flights and costs.

Private Jet Hire Cost Price Factors

Aircraft Category

Private jet hire cost will depend on the type of aircraft you wish to charter. Usually, the bigger the aircraft the more you are expected to pay. For example, chartering a Light Jet with up to 7 passenger seats can cost anywhere between €1,900 and €3,500 per hour. If you prefer a bigger aircraft such as Heavy Jet with 10+ passenger seats can cost you between €5,000 and €11,000 per hour.

Aircraft Age

Usually, newer aircraft tend to be more expensive than older ones. The prices for newer private jets can range between €100 and €1,000 or more per hour.

Length of The Flight

This is the biggest factor that determines your private jet hire cost. The main area of concern for the length of the flight is the flight time. Whether you’re flying from London to Dubai, Paris to Moscow or New York to Geneva, the price of the private jet flight will be estimated based on the number of hours.

Total billable hours for your flight will include aircraft positioning fees, air time and the industry minimum standard which is 2 hours per day, if applicable. The billable flight time does not include the time required for taxing and is only calculated referring to wheels up and wheels down.

Fees & Taxes

Airport Fees

Airports have set fees for the aircraft landing and departing from there. Airport fees will be charged for maintaining the airport and will depend on the aircraft’s weight and size. Landing fees can vary between €150 to €500 and handling fees, also considering the ramp can range between €100 and €500, depending on the airport.

Hangar Fees

If you are expecting a short stay at your destination, the aircraft might be parked at the hangar which can add an additional cost to the charter flight. Hangar fees can also be incurred in icy conditions where the aircraft is parked in order to prevent snow or ice from accumulating on the aircraft surfaces. Hangar fees can vary between €500 and €1,500 per day and can help to prevent de-icing costs.

International Fees

Flying internationally can impact the price of your charter flight. These fees are paid for permits, customs, immigration and anything else the country of your destination might require. International fees depend on the region and current events and can range between €500 and €5000 or more.

Short Leg Fees

Short-leg fees apply to the categories of larger aircraft and are set by the owner or the operator of the aircraft. Since chartering a larger aircraft for a short-haul flight can be inefficient, it may still be a preference for some individuals. The industry minimum standard flight time of 2 hours per day.

Possible Additional Costs

Overnight Crew Fees

If you are chartering a return private jet flight, you will be expected to pay for the overnight crew fees. This is the fee for the pilots and the crew to cover the expenses for hotels, food and other expenses. These fees can vary between €200 and €400 or more per crew member.

Wi-Fi Charges

Wi-Fi charges can range between €3.00 and €7.00 per megabyte, depending on the region. Most aircraft come with inflight entertainment services and if you require Wi-Fi on board, then you can expect to pay an additional fee. When possible, a broker can arrange an aircraft that offers free Wi-Fi when available.

Cleaning Fees

All aircraft require cleaning after a flight however, accidents happen and if a deep cleaning with special tools and chemicals is required after your charter flight, an additional cleaning cost might be charged. Standard deep cleaning for the carpets and upholstery may cost between €250 and €2,000, depending on the situation.

De-Icing Charges

Snow, ice or frost might accumulate on the aircraft surfaces during icy weather conditions therefore de-icing will be needed in order to operate the aircraft. De-icing is normally charged for the entire operation and can cost between €1,500 for smaller aircraft €10,000 for larger aircraft.

Fuel Surcharge

A fuel surcharge is applicable when a surge in fuel prices occurs. Even a slight increase in fuel prices can add a significant amount of cost to the charter flight. Fuel prices solely depend on the conditions of the market and can potentially add between €500 to €800 per flight hour, depending on the size of the aircraft.

Additional Concierge Services

Special VIP Customised Catering

Standard catering options for your charter flight are already included in the price. However, if you wish to order exclusive catering, customised specifically based on your special preferences, you can expect to pay between €500 and €1,000 for a group of four passengers.

Ground Transfers

Ground transfer service is an additional service that can be arranged with your private jet charter hire. Whether you need a chauffeur to take you to the airport or from there, it can always be arranged with us. Ground transportation service can vary somewhere between €100 and €1,000, depending on the travel distance and personal vehicle preferences.

Helicopter Transfers

When you need to get from A to B in the shortest possible time, a helicopter transfer service can be an effective and convenient solution. After you have landed at the airport, a helicopter transfer can be arranged to a landing group or helipad close to where you need to be. Helicopter Transfers can cost between €1,000 and €5,000 per hour, depending on the region and your helicopter charter flight itinerary.

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