Private Jet To Monaco Yacht Show 2023

Yachts lined up at the scenic port in Monaco, showcasing the elegance of the Monaco Yacht Show 2023.

Make your presence at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show truly unforgettable by arriving in style with a private jet charter. The highly anticipated 2023 Monaco Yacht Show is set to grace the shores of Port Hercule, Monaco, from the 27th to the 30th of September. It will be offering a lavish showcase of some of the world’s most exquisite yachts and maritime marvels.

Private jets, with their unmatched convenience and comfort, have become the preferred choice for those who seek the epitome of luxury travel to the Monaco Yacht Show.

Convenient Access

While Monaco lacks aviation facilities, worry not, as our seamless private jet charter service has you covered. Touch down at the nearby airports in Nice or Cannes, where the luxuries of your chosen private jet await. From there, your options are as grand as the event itself – whether you prefer to glide into the principality by car or opt for the ultimate experience: a helicopter charter directly to Monaco’s heliport.

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A Fleet Tailored to You

When travelling to the Monaco Yacht Show from anywhere in Europe, our curated selection of private jets ensures you find the perfect match for your journey. Choose from a range of popular light and midsize private jets that grace the skies of the continent:

Citation CJ3

These private jets deliver unparalleled and superior reliability without ever compromising on comfort or productivity. Citation CJ3 jets boast a standard cabin with 6 club seats arranged in a centre-style configuration for practicality and convenience.

Phenom 300

Phenom 300 aircraft offer exceptional cabin space and an exceptionally comfortable and sophisticated interior. The Phenom 300 is in its very own class thanks to its full movement capacity and reclining seats. The cabin ensures that up to six or seven travellers will fly in relaxation throughout the duration of their flight.

Hawker 900XP

Hawker 900XP is capable of flying distances of 3,200 miles. This aircraft boasts impressive speed along with the perfect combination of spacious cabin sizing and outstanding comfort. The outstanding comfort has led to it being among the most popular jets within its class.

Legacy 650

Legacy 650 is capable of transporting up to thirteen passengers in complete comfort and elegance. The heavy jet Legacy 650 aircraft boasts well-appointed cabins that are quiet, beautifully designed and spacious.

Global 6000

Boasting high performance, complete comfort and the ultimate in reliability, the Bombardier Global 6000 business jets combine impressive features to ensure an inflight experience that is truly unrivalled in its class.

At Challenge Jet Charter, we understand that your journey is as significant as your destination. Let us take care of the intricacies while you focus on what truly matters – making a lasting impression at the Monaco Yacht Show.

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Contact Us

To reserve your private jet charter for the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show or to inquire about our services, please contact our dedicated team at [email protected] or by calling us at +44 (0)20 3900 3023. We look forward to making your journey as exceptional as the event itself.

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