Heavy Jets

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Offering the ultimate in inflight experience along with outstanding performance, efficiency and reliability, heavy jets are a popular choice when it comes to transatlantic travel, whether for leisure or business purposes.

The heavy jet class of private jets is sometimes known as the bizliner class due to the fact that primarily it is used by business travellers. Often, they are commercial airline aircraft which have been converted for private use, with a robust cabin that has been customised for productive and luxurious flight. Heavy jets may offer everything that corporate passengers require to stay busy in the air, from conference rooms and dedicated work spaces to full service galleys and offices.

Heavy jets are primarily used for travel between continents, and are capable of typically accommodating between ten and eighteen passengers depending on the model of aircraft. Some of the biggest and best-known aircraft manufacturers have such aircraft within their ranges including Gulfstream and Bombardier, so you can be confident when you choose this category of jet as your private jet charter that you will benefit from the ultimate in safety, reliability and cutting-edge technology.

Since heavy jets are also capable of operating in the majority of weather conditions due to their ability to cruise at high altitude, they offer a smooth and seamless in private jet flight experience.

Falcon 2000 heavy jet

Of course, as you would expect from this type of aircraft, an enormous array of amenities can be found on board including advanced electronics, and since these jets are highly customisable and super luxurious, business travellers can continue work throughout their journey.

Heavy Jets

Falcon 2000
Legacy 650
Challenger 605
Challenger 650 Heavy Jet

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