Challenger 850

Baggage Capacity202 cu.ft.
Speed819 km/h
Range5,206 km
Interior Width2,49 m (8ft 2)
Interior Height1,85 m (6ft 1)
Interior Length14,76 m (48ft 5)

Challenger 850Short Overview

The Challenger 850 is a large heavy jet made by Bombardier, known for its spacious cabin, good flying distance, and advanced technology. Designed to fit up to 15 passengers, the Challenger 850 offers a smooth and luxurious journey, making it a great option for both business and personal travel.

One of the best things about the Challenger 850 is its large cabin, which is among the biggest in its category. The plane has a flat floor with plenty of space above your head, letting passengers move around easily and feel comfortable. The cabin can be set up in different ways, with options like grouped seats, meeting tables, and sofas, which make it perfect for both work and relaxation.

Regarding the range, the Challenger 850 can travel non-stop for up to 2,811 nautical miles. Although it doesn’t have the longest range compared to others in its class, the aircraft is great at providing efficient and comfortable travel for shorter to medium international trips. This flexibility makes it a popular choice for connecting large groups with different destinations.

Challenger 850 Cabin Layout

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