Falcon 2000LXS

Bagagge Capacity134 cu.ft.
Speed1,064 km/h
Range7,408 km
Interior Width2,33 m (7ft 8)
Interior Height1,87 m (6ft 2)
Interior Length7,98 m (26ft 2)

Falcon 2000LXSShort Overview

Perhaps the most successful and popular aircraft from the Falcon range to ever be designed, Falcon 2000LX represents the ideal balance of space and performance that can satisfy every requirement of today’s modern business jets.

With its wide body and twin engines, you can rely on the Falcon 2000LXS to be both efficient and powerful.

Meanwhile, Falcon 2000LXS consists of contemporary and elegant cabin that boasts all of the comfort and space up to twelve passengers could need on a flight of up to 8 hours.

Falcon 2000LXS Cabin Layout

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