Falcon 900LX

Bagagge Capacity127 cu.ft.
Speed850 km/h
Range8,800 km
Interior Width2,33 m (7ft 8)
Interior Height1,87 m (6ft 2)
Interior Length10,11 m (33ft 2)

Falcon 900LXShort Overview

The Falcon 900LX is a heavy jet made by Dassault Aviation. It is popular for being able to fly long distances, equipped with modern technology, and providing very comfortable and luxurious travel experience. This private jet can fit up to 12 passengers and gives a top-notch travel experience for people travelling for work or leisure.

A big advantage of the Falcon 900LX is its long flying range. It can travel non-stop for up to 4,800 nautical miles, which means it can easily connect remote destinations. This makes it ideal for flying across or between continents. The jet’s three-engine design enhances safety and helps it operate well even from shorter runways, giving it access to more airports.

Inside the Falcon 900LX, you’ll find a cabin that’s designed for the best comfort and luxury. It has a large, roomy cabin with a flat floor, so passengers can walk around comfortably. The cabin can be customized with different seating options like club seats, sofas, and conference tables.

Facon 900LX Cabin Layout

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