Citation CJ3

Bagagge Capacity65 cu.ft.
Speed900 km/h
Range3,778 km
Interior Width1,47 m (4ft 8)
Interior Height1,45 m (4ft 7)
Interior Length4,78 m (15ft 8)

Citation CJ3Short Overview

The Cessna Citation CJ3 private jets form part of the Cessna Citation family of business jets, making these aircraft ideal for working travel needs.

Delivering unparalleled and superior reliability without ever compromising on comfort or productivity, these jets boast a standard cabin with 6 club seats arranged in centre-style configuration for practicality and convenience.

Cessna Citation CJ3 also offers both external access to baggage and an interior baggage compartment which can easily be accessed during the flight.

Cabin Layout of Citation CJ3 private jet

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