Citation CJ4

Baggage Capacity77 cu.ft.
Speed1,095 km/h
Range4,010 km
Interior Width1,46 m (4ft 8)
Interior Height1,46 m (4ft 8)
Interior Length5,27 m (17ft 3)

Citation CJ4Short Overview

The Cessna Citation CJ4 is a flagship light jet that blends outstanding performance, comfort, and flexibility. This private jet accommodates the needs of up to nine passengers, which makes it a great choice for both work and leisure private jet flights.

When it comes to the luggage compartment, the Citation CJ4 has plenty of space for luggage, allowing travellers to bring everything they need for their trip. This is especially helpful for longer journeys or for travellers who require extra storage room.

With modern flight avionics and powerful engines, the Citation CJ4 offers excellent speed and range. It has the latest technology to ensure a smooth and effective flight. The mix of comfort, performance, and advanced features makes the Citation CJ4 a top choice in the world of private jet charter.

Citation CJ4 Cabin Layout

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