Hawker 400XP

Bagagge Capacity53 cu.ft.
Speed837 km/h
Range2,734 km
Interior Width1,47 m (4ft 10)
Interior Height1,42 m (4ft 8)
Interior Length4,70 m (15ft 5)

Hawker 400XPShort Overview

For any group of up to seven or eight passengers travelling over a short or mid-range distance, the Hawker 400XP is an ideal choice thanks to its highly spacious cabin which ranks as one of the best in its class.

Boasting a uniquely shaped cabin that is square-oval in design, Hawker 400XP aircraft is very popular with families and business groups thanks to its impressive interior space which measures in at an impressive 305 cubic feet.

As an added advantage, this jet is considered to be one of the speediest in its class.

Cabin layout of Hawker 400XP private jet

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