Nextant 400XTi

Bagagge Capacity51 cu.ft.
Speed872 km/h
Range3,713 km
Interior Width1,49 m (4ft 11)
Interior Height1,45 m (4ft 9)
Interior Length4,72 m (15ft 6)

Nextant 400XTiShort Overview

The Nextant 400XTi is a remanufactured light jet aircraft that was developed by Nextant Aerospace, which specializes in updating and modernizing existing aircraft.

The 400XTi offers a comfortable and spacious cabin that can seat up to eight passengers. Large windows, ample natural light, and amenities such as air conditioning, pressurization and soundproofing create the ideal environment for flight comfort. The aircraft’s spacious baggage compartment provides ample storage space for luggage and other items. The 400XTi’s advanced glass cockpit and comprehensive avionics system—including advanced navigation capabilities—make for a smooth ride.

The Nextant 400XTi is an ideal choice for those in need of a cost-effective, reliable and efficient aircraft. Its luxury cabin and advanced avionics make the jet perfect for executive transportation. 400XTI’s powerful engines—which are equipped with large baggage compartments —make it suitable for short- to medium-range trips.

Because it can function in a wide range of weather conditions and fly at high altitudes, this aircraft is an excellent choice for businesses and individuals. Especially for those who value flexibility and dependability. This aircraft is equipped with highly efficient and reliable turbine engines, that allow it to fly at high altitudes in a wide range of weather conditions. Functioning as an executive charter jet, it can be a perfect choice for short and medium-sized trips.

Nextant 400XTi Cabin Layout

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