Premier IA

Baggage Capacity83 cu.ft.
Speed840 km/h
Range2,648 km
Interior Width1,70 m (5ft 6)
Interior Height1,68 m (5ft 5)
Interior Length4,15 m (13ft 6)

Premier IAShort Overview

The Premier IA is a popular choice in the light jet category, known for its blend of speed, comfort, and fuel efficiency that attracts experienced travellers. This jet is made to give a quality travel experience for up to six passengers.

The Premier IA has a roomy cabin with plenty of space and luxurious furniture, making sure you feel comfortable on your flight. Big windows allow plenty of sunlight into the cabin, making the flight even more relaxing.

Besides its comfy cabin, the Premier IA has a large space for luggage, which is perfect for passengers who need to carry more than just the basics. This is really helpful for longer trips or for people who need extra room for their things. With advanced technology in its flight systems and strong engines, the Premier IA goes fast and far, making it a great pick for both work and leisure private jet flights.

Premier IA Cabin Layout

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