Midsize Jets

High-Performance And SpaciousPrivate Jets

Boasting large cabins and increased baggage capacity, midsize jets can accommodate between seven and nine passengers in complete comfort and in supreme style thanks to their high performance and outstanding reliability. With enclosed lavatories on board, these well-designed aircraft are ideal for business travellers or for larger groups of friends or family members who are travelling together on vacation or on a mini break to another city.

The midsize jet was designed originally to accommodate larger passenger groups on transcontinental flights and over the years, it has become a staple of business travel thanks to its flexibility and the in-cabin comfort and productivity that it can offer during a longer flight. The pressurised cabin ensures that travelling at altitude is comfortable and working during the flight is also possible thanks to the advanced technology and features that the spacious cabins have integrated into their design.

Two pilots are required to control this class of aircraft which has a typical cruising speed of around 430 to 480 mph, and while they are capable of landing on some smaller runways, these aircraft generally are more suited to transcontinental and longer-range travel as well as for travel with a larger passenger capacity requirement. The range of the average midsize jet is about 2000 to 3000 miles of non-stop travel which equates to around five hours of flying time.

Hawker 750

There are many excellent examples of midsize jets and we can offer a number of them for private charter at airports around the world. From the reliable and well-known Cessna aircraft to the durable and stylish Hawker Beechcraft, the midsize jet is an ideal choice for a wide variety of purposes.

Midsize Jets

Learjet 60
Hawker 900XP
Hawker 750
Gulfstream G150 Midsize Jet Exterior

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