Hawker 750

Bagagge Capacity32 cu.ft.
Speed988 km/h
Range3,919 km
Interior Width1,83 m (6ft)
Interior Height1,75 m (5ft 7)
Interior Length6,49 m (21ft 3)

Hawker 750Short Overview

The Hawker 750 private jet boasts a design that has been based on the Beechcraft’s 800 model but with a more spacious cabin and greater baggage capacity than its predecessor.

As you would expect from a member of the Hawker family of aircraft, the 750 upholds the high performance standards and reliability you’d expect from the Beechcraft company, and thanks to the impressive features that have been incorporated into its design, travellers won’t be disappointed by the comfort and convenience on offer.

With a cabin spacious enough for 7 or 8 passengers, the Hawker 750 has an enclosed lavatory, baggage compartment, closet and forward gallery.

Hawker 750 Private Jet Cabin Layout

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