Learjet 60

Bagagge Capacity24 cu.ft.
Speed839 km/h
Range4,478 km
Interior Width1,83 m (6ft)
Interior Height1,80 m (5ft 8)
Interior Length6,5 m (21ft 3)

Learjet 60Short Overview

Originally purported to have been created to meet the needs of an extremely niche market, the Learjet 60 was designed to be capable of rapidly climbing to a high cruising level while also boasting economic operation, outstanding reliability and a fast cruising speed.

Add to these excellent features a cabin which is the largest in its line and it’s easy to see why this is such a popular private jet charter. Accommodating up to 7 or 8 passengers in comfort, the Learjet 60 cabin has been designed to offer more space where it’s most needed, with unparalleled amounts of elbow room for travellers while seated.

With its heavy wing loading and exceptional handling, this aircraft promises a smooth flight, even during turbulence.

Learjet 60 Private Jet Cabin Layout

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