Learjet 45XR

Baggage Capacity65 cu.ft.
Speed860 km/h
Range3,389 km
Interior Width1,55 m (5ft 1)
Interior Height1,50 m (4ft 11)
Interior Length6,00 m (19ft 9)

Learjet 45XRShort Overview

The Learjet 45XR is a top super light jet known for its great blend of speed and comfort. This plane can fit up to eight passengers and is a popular choice for business executives and other travellers who want a fast and luxurious private jet flight.

Inside, the Learjet 45XR has a spacious, comfortable cabin with soft seats and high-quality amenities. The cabin features plenty of room and big windows, so you feel comfortable and relaxed during the flight. The plane is equipped with smart flight systems and poweful engines, which deliver fast speeds, long distances, and efficient fuel use.

Compared to older models, the Learjet 45XR has better performance and newer features, which makes it a top pick for travellers who deserve a high-quality private jet charter experience.

Learjet 45XR Cabin Layout

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