Pilatus PC-24

Bagagge Capacity90 cu.ft.
Speed815 km/h
Range3,334 km
Interior Width1,69 m (5ft 7)
Interior Height1,55 m (5ft 1)
Interior Length7,01 m (23ft)

Pilatus PC-24Short Overview

Pilatus PC-24 is a prime example of performance and reliability. Initially engineered to deliver a versatility of a turboprop, the performance of a light jet and a cabin size of a midsize jet, this aircraft covers several categories whilst being in a super light jet category.

Pilatus PC-24 has been manufactured to fly in extreme weather conditions and to be able to access different types of runways, including short runways and grass runways, making the aircraft access some of the destinations other aircraft are not able to reach.

This super light jet boasts luxury, comfort and performance due to its impressive range and spacious cabin size. Wide and unique cargo door will allow easy access for loading and unloading the luggage. Accommodating up to 10 passengers, Pilatus PC-24 is a great choice for business, leisure, air ambulance and humanitarian missions.

Cabin Layout Pilatus PC-24 aircraft

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