Citation Latitude

Baggage Capacity135 cu.ft.
Speed848 km/h
Range5,200 km
Interior Width1,70 m (5ft 6)
Interior Height1,76 m (5ft 8)
Interior Length7,71 m (25ft 3)

Citation LatitudeShort Overview

The Citation Latitude has one of the largest and the most comfortable cabins in its class, with a flat floor that makes the cabin feel even more spacious. The cabin itself features comfortable seats, luxurious amenities, and large windows that let in lots of natural light and give you nice views outside.

When it comes to performance, the Citation Latitude boasts an impressive range and speed, able to fly without stopping on many long trips. Its strong engines and aerodynamics let it fly efficiently at high altitudes, while also being able to reach fast climb rates and land at many different airports.

The interior of the Latitude cabin contains a fully equipped galley, a private lavatory, and cutting-edge entertainment systems, so your flight is comfortable and relaxing. The Citation Latitude also has plenty of space for luggage, which is great for longer private jet charter flights.

Citation Latitude Cabin Layout

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