Citation Sovereign+

Baggage Capacity135 cu.ft.
Speed848 km/h
Range5,900 km
Interior Width1,70 m (5ft 6)
Interior Height1,76 m (5ft 8)
Interior Length7,71 m (25ft 3)

Citation Sovereign+Short Overview

Renowned for its outstanding short-field performance and sumptuous cabin comfort, the Cessna Citation Sovereign is a top choice in the super midsize private jet market. Its upgraded model—the Sovereign+—offers many of these same advantages to owners looking for an aircraft that can serve as both corporate secretary and mass transport device. Both aircraft are known for their luxurious interiors and top-notch service, making them the favourite of executives and business owners.

The Citation Sovereign+ takes luxury to the next level. The redesigned supercritical wings with winglets make the flight smoother, while the cutting-edge Garmin avionics suite keeps you informed about your aircraft’s performance. The aircraft’s ClairityTM cabin management system, which can be controlled by passengers’ smartphones and tablets, provides a Wi-Fi connection. The seats have been designed with recessed armrests—allowing for even more space in the aisle and providing a spacious environment overall.

The Citation Sovereign and the Sovereign+ are both powered by turbofan engines, but the latter’s more powerful propulsion system allows it to reach cruising altitude faster and travel farther. The avionics suites are equipped with advanced navigation, communication, and autopilot systems, ensuring a smooth and safe flight.

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