Citation X

Baggage Capacity82 cu.ft.
Speed1,154 km/h
Range5,965 km
Interior Width1,65 m (5ft 5)
Interior Height1,70 m (5ft 7)
Interior Length7,24 m (23ft 9)

Citation XShort Overview

Citation X is a top-of-the-line super midsize jet made by Cessna, known for its very fast speed, modern technology, and comfortable interior. It’s made to fit up to twelve passengers, giving them a great travel experience that’s both efficient and stylish.

One of the Citation X’s standout features is its fast speed. It can fly at a top speed of Mach 0.935, placing it in the list of the fastest private jets in the world. This fast speed means you can get to your destination much quicker, which is perfect for busy business people and those with tight schedules.

The Citation X is also famous for its long flying range. It can travel up to 3,460 nautical miles without stopping, easily connecting big cities across different continents. This long-range capability, along with its speed and performance, makes it a very efficient option for travelling across continents.

Citation X Cabin Layout

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