Gulfstream G-200

Bagagge Capacity125 cu.ft.
Speed900 km/h
Range6,300 km
Interior Width2,18 m (7ft 2)
Interior Height1,93 m (6ft 3)
Interior Length7,47 m (24ft 6)

Gulfstream G-200Short Overview

Leading the way as the premier super-midsize jet in its class, the Gulfstream G200 promises non-stop, rapid travel in complete comfort.

The cabin of this private aircraft is stylish and spacious, with a capacity for up to ten passengers.

Thanks to its impressive stand-up headroom of 6″3′ ft, the Gulfstream G200 exceeds many of its competitors, while the generously sized baggage compartment, enclosed washroom and 450 mph cruising speed makes this jet ideal for all transcontinental non-stop travel needs.

Gulfstream G200 Private Jet Cabin Layout

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