Turbo Props

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Designed for comfort, style and convenience, turbo props are an ideal choice for small parties of between 6 and 8 travellers. Offering high-calibre performance, an impressive payload capacity, and a surprisingly quiet interior, these roomy private jets are the perfect aircraft charter for shorter flights.

Although many people believe that when speed is of the essence a private jet is the only option, in fact this is certainly not the case. Turboprop private jets may have, at one time, had a reputation for being slow and noisy, this couldn’t now be further from the truth. The latest propeller-powered private jets are capable of flying the same distance as a conventional private jet and for a lower cost. Even better, turboprop aircraft are equally luxurious when it comes to spaciousness in the cabins and quality features.

Indeed, safety is paramount when we’re selecting suitable private jet for our charter service, so you can be completely confident that the turboprop aircraft that we offer for hire will always be reliable, durable and high performing.

What is more, Turboprops even have adjustable blade angles that support a number of different functions. It gives these private jets the leading edge in many areas including the ability to take a steeper approach and to have shorter landing distances.

King Air 350

This is a major advantage for anyone planning to land at a smaller private airstrip since the reversible props act upon landing as an air brake to support airport approaches at slow speeds.

Whether you need to arrange a private jet charter for a family vacation, a small-scale business trip or for a small group of friends who need to travel together. A turboprop private jet could be the ideal option to meet your needs offering a convenient solution for short haul travel between destinations.

Turbo Props

Piaggio Avanti 180
Super King Air 350
Super King Air 200
Pilatus PC-12 Turboprop aircraft

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