Piaggio Avanti 180

Bagagge Capacity35 cu.ft.
Speed741 km/h
Range2,795 km
Interior Width1,75 m (5ft 8)
Interior Height1,85 m (6ft 8)
Interior Length4,55 m (14ft 11)

Piaggio Avanti 180Short Overview

If you’re looking for a speedy, comfortable and attractive charter for privacy while you travel, the Piaggio Avanti 180 is the perfect choice.

Accommodating between six and seven passengers in complete comfort and style, this jet charter is faster even than light jets, and features a roomy stand-up cabin of 1.75 metres in height to allow for greater freedom of movement during the flight.

Despite being able to fly higher and faster than any other turbo-prop, the Piaggio Avanti’s vibrations and cabin noise levels are just as low as those found in a modern jet, while the enclosed restroom makes this the perfect choice for longer flights.

Piaggio Avanti Cabin Layout

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