Super King Air 200

Bagagge Capacity54 cu.ft.
Speed480 km/h
Range2,542 km
Interior Width1,37 m (4ft 5)
Interior Height1,44 m (4ft 9)
Interior Length5,08 m (16ft 7)

Super King Air 350Short Overview

Offering a comfortable and stylish cabin for 8 or fewer passengers, the Beechcraft Super King Air 200 is actually quieter than many business jets that have proven to be popular in recent years.

Boasting a generous amount of space together with a refined and sophisticated design, the cabin of Super King Air 200 has been fitted with deeply contoured chairs to ensure maximum support for the traveller.

Meanwhile, the cabin’s vertical squared oval design is unique in the industry and maximises your headroom and shoulder space exponentially.

King Air 200 Cabin Layout with number of seats

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