Global 6000

Bagagge Capacity195 cu.ft.
Speed950 km/h
Range11,390 km
Interior Width2,41 m (7ft 11)
Interior Height1,88 m (6ft 2)
Interior Length13,8 m (43ft 3)

Bombardier Global 6000Short Overview

Boasting high performance, complete comfort and the ultimate in reliability, the Bombardier Global 6000 business jets combine impressive features to ensure an inflight experience that is truly unrivalled in its class.

Every aspect of these aircraft has been created with elegance and refinement in mind from the purpose-built gallery to the state-of-the-art cockpit.

There is even a private stateroom to ensure complete privacy and sophistication throughout the flight. Bombardier Global 6000 performance is guaranteed when you hire this private jet charter.

Global 6000 Private Jet Cabin Layout

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