Global Express XRS

Baggage Capacity195 cu.ft.
Speed907 km/h
Range11,676 km
Interior Width2,23 m (7ft 4)
Interior Height1,88 m (6ft 2)
Interior Length14,7 m (48ft 2)

Global Express XRSShort Overview

The Global Express XRS is an ultra long range jet from Bombardier, coveted for its phenomenal range, advanced technology and opulent cabin. Accommodating up to 14 passengers, the Global Express XRS offers a travel experience that is going to cater to every need of the passengers.

As far as ultra long range private jets go, the Global Express XRS’ range is impressive, to say the least. It can fly you non-stop up to 6,305 nautical miles – that’s pretty much anywhere on earth with two airports of reasonable length on the runway! Its efficient Rolls-Royce BR710A2-20 engines and advanced aerodynamics sets a new industry standard for both fuel consumption and emissions.

The cabin of the Global Express XRS is crafted for total comfort. Its spacious, stand-up cabin—featuring a flat floor—and advanced soundproofing create an environment so quiet it can be conducive to sleep. High-quality materials and finishes give the cabin a clean, fresh feel while an intuitive cabin management system allows passengers to control the cabin’s various features with ease.

Global Express XRS Cabin Layout

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