Gulfstream G-650

Bagagge Capacity195 cu.ft.
Speed982 km/h
Range12,960 km
Interior Width2,49 m (8ft 2)
Interior Height1,91 m (6ft 3)
Interior Length14,27 m (46ft 10)

Gulfstream G-650Short Overview

Whether travelling for business or for pleasure, the Gulfstream G650 jets make long distance journeys feel effortless.

Passengers are guaranteed to arrive at their destination, no matter how far-flung, feeling truly refreshed thanks to the cabin altitude which is the lowest pressured among all business aircraft.

Quiet, spacious and highly adaptable, the cabin of the Gulfstream G650 is packed with the latest cutting-edge technology, all of which adds up to a supremely comfortable and sophisticated way to travel long haul.

G550 Cabin Private Jet Layout

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