Very Light Jets

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The perfect choice for parties of up to four travellers, our range of very light jets are the ideal choice for families or groups of friends who want to hire a private jet for a short haul business trip, mini break or commuter journey. Designed for speed, style and privacy, these high-performance private jets are most suited to short trips thanks to their compact cabins.

The very light jet (or VLJ) class of aircraft is sometimes known as a microjet, a personal private jet or an entry-level jet. These terms are all used to refer to small business jets which typically have an MTOW (maximum take off weight) of under 4,540 kg or 10,000 lbs (although some have an MTOW slightly over this). Considered to be the lightest of all business jets, very light jets are approved for operation by a single pilot and are a cost-effective way to travel privately in sophistication.

Despite the fact that Very Light Jets are compact in size, they certainly don’t compromise on luxury or on sophistication. Although the cabin of this type of private jet is small in size, it is sufficiently roomy to ensure a comfortable trip between destinations, and of course, safety and reliability of these private jets are never in doubt. One of the greatest advantages of this class of jets is also the fact that they are suitable for operation from short runways down to 3000 feet.

Citation Mustang

Some very light jets even feature a fully enclosed washroom, which makes them perfect for longer trips or family use. Whatever your small scale travel needs, you can rest assured that we can arrange a private jet charter of the perfect very light jet to suit your requirements.

Very Light Jets

Phenom 100
Phenom 100
Citation Mustang Side View
Citation Mustang
HondaJet Very Light Jet Aircraft
Citation CJ1 VLJ Aircraft

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