Citation CJ1

Bagagge Capacity51 cu.ft.
Speed706 km/h
Range2,150 km
Interior Width1,49 m (4ft 9)
Interior Height1,46 m (4ft 8)
Interior Length3,35 m (11ft)

Citation CJ1Short Overview

The Citation CJ1 is an excellent choice for private jet travel. With superb performance, reliability and ease of operation, this aircraft is a member in good standing of the prestigious Citation family. The Citation CJ1 is a high-performance jet aircraft from Cessna, designed for general aviation and corporate use. The Citation CJ1 was introduced in 1996 and has undergone several revisions since then.

The cabin comfortably seats up to five passengers and has air conditioning, pressurization, and soundproofing—all the latest amenities that ensure a luxurious ride. The Citation CJ1 offers ample storage space for luggage and other personal items, making it a comfortable and productive option for business professionals or private individuals seeking convenience.

The Citation CJ1 boasts exceptional performance and efficiency, thanks to its dual Williams FJ44-1A engines. These high-power motors provide a maximum cruise speed of 380 knots — more than 300 miles per hour — as well as an impressive 1,161 nautical mile range—enough for almost any trip under 1,500 miles long.

The aircraft’s advanced aerodynamics and efficient engines enable it to fly at high altitudes, navigate a variety of weather conditions with ease—and still have enough fuel left over for long-distance flights. The aircraft also comes equipped with dual flight management systems, which allow pilots to fly at higher altitudes or through adverse weather conditions.

Citation CJ1 Cabin Layout

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