Citation M2

Baggage Capacity50 cu.ft.
Speed740 km/h
Range2,870 km
Interior Width1,46 m (4ft 8)
Interior Height1,46 m (4ft 8)
Interior Length3,35 m (11ft)

Citation M2Short Overview

The Cessna Citation M2 has a nicely designed interior that offers great comfort for up to five passengers. It has high-quality furniture and modern features that make it a luxurious and enjoyable way to travel for small groups.

The Citation M2 is a small, very light jet that has a big space inside for bags, about 50 cubic feet. This makes it great for carrying a generous amount of luggage.

The Citation M2 has the latest technology and is perfect for small groups of friends and families who want to travel in luxury and style. It combines speed, comfort, and good fuel use, making it a top choice in the world of private flying.

Cessna Citation M2 Cabin Layout

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