Citation Mustang

Bagagge Capacity57 cu.ft.
Speed772 km/h
Range2,162 km
Interior Width1,40 m (4ft 7)
Interior Height1,37 m (4ft 6)
Interior Length2,97 m (9ft 9)

Citation MustangShort Overview

Capable of carrying four or fewer passengers in the comfortable and convenient Club Four configuration, Citation Mustang combines high performance with range and speed, making this an ideal choice of private jet for short-field travel.

Incorporating the latest advanced technology and boasting an aerodynamic design, the Cessna Citation Mustang can cruise admirably over the weather and since its engines can reach a speed of more than 390 mph, travellers benefit from a significantly reduced flight time.

Even better, thanks to the outstanding short field landing capability, passengers can access even more airports.

Cabin Layout of Citation Mustang

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