Phenom 100

Bagagge Capacity53 cu.ft.
Speed864 km/h
Range2,182 km
Interior Width1,55 m (5ft 6)
Interior Height1,50 m (4ft 9)
Interior Length2,97 m (9ft 9)

Phenom 100Short Overview

Boasting a practical yet highly sophisticated cabin, the Embraer Phenom 100 offers travellers the best in comfortable travel thanks to top-of-the-range furnishings that can accommodate up to four people in complete comfort.

This entry-level high-performance jet has an impressively large baggage compartment of 55 cubic feet – one of the biggest found in any entry-level jet.

With advanced technology built into its design, Phenom 100 is especially compelling for small groups of friends and families who wish to enjoy supremely stylish travel.

Cabin Layout of Phenom 100 Private Jet

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